Monthly Archives: May 2012


A suicide bomber killed five policemen in Nangarhar. Eight policemen and six Taliban fighters were killed in Badakhshan, eight Taliban fighters were killed in Kandahar and six more were killed in Faryab, two Afghan soldiers were killed in Herat, two policemen were killed in Nangarhar, and two ISAF soldiers were killed in the south. The […]


The Lashkar-e-Islam denied having links with the doctor who was imprisoned for aiding Osama bin Laden. The military denied reports that US trainers have re-entered Pakistan, and said it successfully tested Hatf-VIII, a “stealth” air-launched cruise missile.


The UN nuclear inspection agency showed satellite imagery indicating that Iran was attempting to clean up a possible nuclear weapons site. UN inspectors had previously requested access to the site but had been denied.


Insurgents killed 18 Iraqis and wounded more than 50 in six bombings in Baghdad. The bombs were detonated near a restaurant, at policemen’s homes, and as a police patrol passed by. A police major was killed in a shooting in Mosul.


The rebel Free Syrian Army issued an ultimatum: if the government does not implement the UN peace plan by Friday, the FSA will no longer abide by the plan. UN envoy Annan left Syria without an agreement from the Assad regime. The US ambassador to the UN predicted failure of the plan, which would lead […]


Four al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula fighters and three Yemeni soldiers were killed in fighting in Rada’a in Baydah province. The Houthis said that they would conduct peace talks with the government. Dozens of Houthis and tribesmen were killed in clashes in Hajja.