ISAF troops kill Afghan soldier in south

ISAF soldiers killed an Afghan soldier yesterday after he opened fire on their convoy in Kandahar. From TOLOnews:

“A soldier from ANA Supportive Unit opened fire on a Nato convoy travelling to Kandahar airport and was killed in return fire,” Commander of 205th Corp Abdul Hamid Wardak said.

There were no Nato fatalities in the incident, he added.

“Green on blue” attacks such as the one above, in which ISAF personnel are attacked but no one is killed, occur somewhat regularly but are not reported in the media, US military officers and soldiers have told me in the past. Our attempts to get figures on the green on blue attacks have been rebuffed; see this LWJ report from March 26:

ISAF has not disclosed the number of incidents in which ISAF soldiers were wounded by ANSF personnel, or the attacks on ISAF personnel that did not result in casualties. ISAF told The Long War Journal that “these statistics … [are ] … classified.”

“[A]ttacks by ANSF on Coalition Forces…either resulting in non-injury, injury or death….these stats as a whole (the total # attacks) are what is classified and not releasable,” Lieutentant Colonel Jimmie Cummings, ISAF’s Press Desk Chief, told The Long War Journal. Cummings said that ISAF is “looking to declassify this number.”

Inquiries as to why the overall statistic is classified went unanswered.

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  • gerald says:

    Take that you non-shooting Traitor!!

  • mike merlo says:

    It’s great knowing camaraderie is alive & well.

  • lunxit11 says:

    it’s terrible! they are not human

  • Neo says:

    The Taliban needs to score some NATO casualties ASAP. Otherwise last weeks attacks in Kabul look ineffective. This year’s campaign is all about keeping up appearances.

  • ITDIncor says:

    Last time I was in the Army was 1969, and heard much from Vietnam returnees, both during and after my service.
    In the last few years i have heard and read much from Afghanistan returnees.
    …”Inquiries as to why the overall statistic is classified went unanswered.”
    I am not surprised.


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