Monthly Archives: November 2011


Anbar’s provincial council said it would declare autonomy in the next week. Prime Minister Maliki said Iraq would accept US soldiers as military trainers. Insurgents killed a policeman in Mosul and five civilians in Samarra.


A “mysterious” blast damaged parts of a uranium conversion plant near Isfahan earlier this week, despite Iranian claims that the blast occurred during a military maneuver on Monday. New satellite images show the massive destruction of Iran’s long-range missile research base which blew up on Nov. 17 after “technicians performed a volatile procedure involving a […]


Fighting between Shia Houthi rebels and Sunni Islamists wounded at least 26 people in north Yemen. Gunmen killed two Yemeni soldiers in the main southern city of Aden as thousands rallied there to call for secession from the north. Forces loyal to Yemeni President Saleh shelled several neighborhoods in the city of Taiz, killing one […]


Police and intelligence officers captured Hussein Ahaddin, an al Qaeda-linked bomber, suspected in at least six attacks, including a 2002 karaoke bar explosion that killed an American Green Beret and a hotel blast this week that killed three people. Police officials said Ahaddin was captured in a remote Zamboanga village called Muti after an antiterror […]