Taliban threaten to attack Afghan Loya Jirga

In a statement released today on Voice of Jihad, Zabihullah Mujahid, a “Spokesman of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan,” threatened that the Taliban would attack anyone who remotely participates in the upcoming Loya Jirga, a large meeting that includes political, tribal, and and business leaders. Mujahid said anyone involved in the Loya Jirga “shall be charged with treason,” and that religious officials have issued a fatwa approving of the Taliban’s threat. From the Voice of Jihad:

…[N]o countryman should take part in this partial convention and should wholly side with its country’s freedom. Islamic Emirate wants to warn every person who wants to participate in this so-called Loe Jirga that such traitors will be pursued by Mujahideen of Islamic Emirate in every corner of the country and will face severe repercussions. The country’s trustworthy scholars have passed a decree in this regard and every participant of this convention shall be charged with treason if caught. Islamic Emirate also calls on its brave and courageous Mujahideen to target every security guard, person with intention, participant and every caller of this convention in all corners of the country so to not let the invaders accomplish their plot and perpetually occupy our beloved country under the heading of permanent bases but rather should forever turn their plans to dust.

While Mujahid’s threats may seem like Taliban bluster, keep in mind that the Taliban have been successful in assassinating senior government officials, as they promised to do at the outset of “Operation Badar.”

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