Monthly Archives: October 2011


NATO’s chief ruled out intervention in Syria. The Arab League waited for Syria’s response to its plan to end the crisis. President Assad said he was popular because he “lives a normal life”.


New Israeli-Palestinian violence breaks out in Gaza. An Israeli airstrikes followed a Palestinian rocket attack. Attempts at a cease fire have been made but they have not succeed so far.

Palestinian Territories

The UN voted to grant the Palestinian Authority full membership in UNESCO. In response, the US cut off funding to UNESCO. In East Jerusalem classrooms, the Palestinian Authority’s version of textbooks compete with Israel’s version.


Insurgents killed four Iraqi soldiers in Diyala and two soldiers in Mosul. A senior Iraqi general said his country will not be able to defend its borders until 2020 at the earliest.


Iran FM says US buildup near Iraq lacks ‘prudence’


The Kenyan military called reports that its warplanes struck a refugee camp in Jilib “Shabaab propaganda.” The UN said the African Union is now in control of Mogadishu. The Somali military claimed 25 Shabaab fighters have defected.


Kenya: Conflicting Claims Over Use of US Drones in Somalia


Afghans, Pakistan may use talks to ease tensions: Turks