Iran ‘arrests’ 5 al Qaeda operatives

Iran claims it has arrested five al Qaeda operatives who were plotting attacks in the country. The names of the operatives have not been disclosed. From IRNA, Iran’s official, state-run “news” agency:

Five al Qaeda members with arms and explosives were arrested in Kerman province, 1,076 km south of Tehran, Commander of Islamic Republic of Iran Police in Kerman province said on Tuesday.

General Hossein Chenarian told reporters that the arrested al Qaeda members aimed to import a great amount of arms, explosives and ammunitions to the country.

“Two of the arrested men are foreigners and they had planned to do some sabotage operations inside Iran,” he said.

Iran has made similar claims of arrests of al Qaeda operatives in the past. Some questions to keep in mind when considering Iran’s actions against al Qaeda:

For additional information on Iran’s support of al Qaeda and the Taliban, see LWJ reports:

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  • Chris says:

    These are all rhetorical questions we already know the answer to.

  • Neonmeat says:

    Very interesting indeed. I think perhaps this is the key to it when the offical states:
    ‘…they had planned to do some sabotage operations inside Iran,” he said.’
    They do not mind exporting AQ operatives and weapons to Afghanistan and Iraq but they certainly do not like it when AQ tries to import it into Iran.
    I seem to remember Iran had a problem with a terrorist group called ‘Jundallah’ perhaps they were terrorists of this ilk and Iran just brands them as AQ so the media will pick it up and they can say they too are fighting th War on Terror.

  • Baobo says:

    I think each of those points might be answered by guessing that Iran is heavily infiltrated with spies on our side. There’s no telling details from here, but my feeling is that some very significant people (who pretend to be enemies) are actually helping us.

  • Mr. Wolf says:

    Interesting this news comes out when they also are releasing the hikers from up north to the Americans. Will al Qaeda pay the bail for these two as well? It would be interesting to follow their sentence. The Americans were hit with ATTEMPTING to spy, these guys were caught WITH materials. Or are these two related as neonmeat alleges?


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