Taliban kill Saudi diplomat in Karachi

The Pakistani Taliban have claimed credit for today’s armed attack by gunmen on motorcycles that killed a Saudi consular official in Karachi. From Reuters:

“We take responsibility,” a Taliban spokesman said by telephone from an undisclosed location, referring to the killing of the diplomat earlier in the day.

“Until America stops chasing al Qaeda and stops drone strikes we will keep carrying out such attacks,” he said, referring to U.S. attacks with pilotless aircraft on militants in northwest Pakistan.

Oddly enough, there was no mention of revenge for the death of Osama bin Laden.

Today’s attack is the second against Saudi diplomats in Karachi in the past week. On May 11, two men hurled grenades at the consulate, but no one was injured.

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  • Paul D says:

    In which country is Bin Laden loved the most? will tell us which countries need targeting and in which order-
    3.Saudi Arabia
    Comes to mind +Iran Govt!

  • David says:

    What is the likelihood that these attacks against the Saudi’s are being carried because of bin Laden’s death, and more importantly, the intelligence obtained during that operation?
    It is no secret that Osama had a severe hatred for the Saudi’s. He likely had at least a couple of plans in the works to strike at them. Maybe the Taliban and al Qaeda are simply pulling the trigger on the plans now, before their targets change up.
    Does the rest of al Qaeda hate the Saudi’s like Osama did, or was that more of a personal beef that he had with them?

  • akw says:

    Same exact MO as the attack on Raymond Davis.


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