Suicide assault team hits Afghan police training facility

A Taliban suicide assault team attacked an Afghan police training facility in the east today, killing three policemen and wounding five more. The Taliban have carried out six suicide attacks in Afghanistan over the past two days.

A four-man suicide assault team struck at the gate outside the Afghan National Security Forces training site in Jaji district in Paktia province earlier today. The four suicide bombers were “dressed in traditional Afghan clothing with head wraps covering their faces,” according to an International Security Assistance Force Press release.

One suicide bomber detonated his vest, killing the three policemen, according to TOLOnews. Afghan guards shot and killed a second suicide bomber, and the two other bombers fled the scene.

The Taliban, in a statement released on their propaganda website, Voice of Jihad, claimed the attack. The Taliban said that two suicide bombers, named Yahiya and Ahmadullah, detonated their vests at the compound 30 minutes apart, killing 23 policemen. The Taliban often inflate casualties in their press releases.

Today’s attack was likely carried out by the Haqqani Network, the dangerous al Qaeda-linked subgroup that operates in eastern Afghanistan and in Pakistan. The Haqqani Network runs the Taliban’s shadow governments in Paktika, Paktia, and Khost provinces. The shadow governments organize and direct attacks against Afghan and ISAF forces, raise funds for the Taliban’s operations, and administer the Taliban’s local government.

Al Qaeda also maintains a presence in Paktia province, according to an investigation by The Long War Journal. US military press releases document the presence of al Qaeda and Islamic Jihad Union cells in the districts of Gardez, Jani Khel, Zadran, and Zurmat; or four of Paktia’s 11 districts.

Suicide attacks in Afghanistan spike

The Taliban also carried out two other suicide attacks today. Three people were wounded in an attack outside a government building in Kabul, and another was wounded in an attack that targeted police in Kandahar.

The Taliban claimed credit for both attacks, again claiming massive casualties. In statements released at Voice of Jihad, the Taliban said that six “invaders” were killed in Kandahar by a suicide bomber named Noorullah, and that 35 “local minions” were killed in Kabul by a suicide bomber named Zubair.

Three other suicide attacks took place in Afghanistan yesterday. The largest attack occurred in Kunar province, when a suicide bomber killed an influential pro-government tribal leader and warlord, along with nine other Afghans. In addition, 13 Afghans were wounded yesterday in suicide attacks in Kandahar and Kapisa.

The Taliban are conducting a campaign of suicide attacks and assassinations as part of their “spring offensive” against ISAF and Afghan forces and the Afghan government.

Bill Roggio is a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and the Editor of FDD's Long War Journal.

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  • James says:

    The four suicide bombers were “dressed in traditional Afghan clothing with head wraps covering their faces,” according to an International Security Assistance Force Press release.
    Read more:
    Could this be “double-speak” (or maybe “politically correct” speech) for dressed up to falsely appear as women (by wearing burqas)?
    So much for the cave-dweller “anti-Crusader” CROSS dressers.
    I know that at least in the Old Testament (I believe it’s in Leviticus) it states that: “The man shall not wear that which pertaineth unto the woman, nor shall the woman wear that which pertaineth unto the man.”
    I’d love to know if there is an equivalent admonition in the Holy Koran.

  • stevied says:

    I want to why the two other cowards ran away ? Didn’t they understand the meaning of suidcide ? Now they have to wait for their virgins longer

  • Johno says:

    No you use the lead-in of your turban (turbans are usually 5 to 7 metres long in total) which dangles down your back as a dust mask. If it is windy you normally wrap it around your head & face and clench it with your teeth to keep it in place.
    The Koran demands transvestites be beheaded.

  • Johno says:

    Most of the people who are recruited into these suicide squads have serious mental health problems.
    The Wahabis trawl the homeless shelters, underpasses of the world looking for outcasts who they can recruit for the task. They lavish praise and money upon them. Many of these people have suffered a lifetime of ridicule & abuse & the Wahabis offer the first acts of ‘kindness’ & wealth they have ever experienced.
    A concoction of sophisticated pharmaceutical drugs are fed to them to keep them in a reasonably balanced state. The whole ‘God’ thing has virtually no part in the matter. In the ubiquitous martyr video you may note the reading of que cards and the ramblings of what are heavily rehearsed/edited clips.
    Come showtime they are barely aware of what is happening and if they fail to detonate or are near an explosion or are wounded they usually snap out of their stupor and usually become hysterical & run away screaming ‘God is Great or Sam made me do it etc.’

  • Cordell says:

    This is not cross dressing folks. This is indeed standard South Asian garb. Nevertheless, one would think that anyone approaching a government facility so dressed would be shot on sight.
    balaclava |?bal??kl

  • YZ says:

    Suicide bombers require a large support team, include bomb makers, transports, and trainer. Support team is not easily replaceable like the suicide bombers. Take out the support team, and suicide bombing will cease. That’s what Israel did.

  • Mr T says:

    The 2 suicide bombers at the Scotland Airport were Doctors. Not every suicide bomber is poor or uneducated, or metally ill. Yes, they are indoctrinated and brainwashed by Islamic radicals and many probably do have social problems, but many do not. They truly believe in the cause of jihad.
    They also are very misguided. They often, as in this case, kil Mulims which is expressly forbidden in the Koran. Their leaders conveniently find a way around that.

  • Johno says:

    I dare suggest the Scotland duds would have had more success if they had been less socially able. I suppose they weren’t insane in the same way Shipman wasn’t insane. It is possible they did kill lots of infidels but nothing odd about that in the NHS so they decided for a more spectacular finale. But this lot are rare & somewhat the exception that proves the rule.
    In the east looking for a devote doctor or physicist would be a very simple task – getting him to blow himself up would be much more difficult & time consuming, hence the Wahabis SOP. You only have to interview a handful of the recruits and the common denominator manifests itself. Equally stark is the absence of any genuine religious conviction.

  • Neonmeat says:

    Yeah it always makes me chuckle when they run away.
    I imagine that many do not really understand what they are getting into it seems like all they have to do is pull a trigger blow themselves up and they have done Allahs will but when the bullets start flying I can imagine they like most people are simply terrified and panic.
    I know these guys purport to ‘love death more than…’ blah blah blah, but surely this is having an effect on the morale of their fighters, knowing the only way they can engage our troops and Afghans trained by us is to get as close as they can and then deliberately kill themselves in the hope of taking as many lives as possible?
    IMO this stinks of desperation, they know they can’t beat us militarily.

  • Grim says:

    Homosexuality is also forbidden in the Koran but you see how that works out with Afghan males. There are always a few rare cases of someone educated or in a leadership role that blows them selves up. Just because they were doctors does not mean that they were not weak minded or stupid. Just because you have 10 years of school does not mean that you are not an idiot. That goes for Docs in any nation. I am convinced that my current doctor got her degree out of a claw machine.
    These guys have gotten really good at brainwashing too. Think about how long that they have been at it now. Also, I have see Martyr videos where the soon to be suicide bomber is very sincere and really did not seem to be coached. Sad part was that he was really convinced that he was doing the right thing. I wish Qar Husain Mahsud and all the over SIED cell leaders would lead by example already. As it stands, they are just hypocrites and destroyers of life.

  • Soccer says:

    These comments are very satisfying, you guys are full of knowledge and really know your stuff when commenting on issues.
    “Just because you have 10 years of school does not mean that you are not an idiot. That goes for Docs in any nation. I am convinced that my current doctor got her degree out of a claw machine.”
    Very well said.

  • Arek Ak says:

    Still year or two, and amount killed will exceed the number killed in the war with Russians, very heavily to conquer Afghanistan, particularly behind the help of democratic methods

  • People in Afghanistan are already immune of suicidal bombing. There are many incidents of suicidal bombing that takes many lives and properties. I just don’t know when will this insurgency will end. The government should have firm grip on its security.


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