Shocking! Sufi shrine suicide bombers from North Waziristan

The Associated Press reports on one of the two failed suicide bombers involved in yesterday’s attack on a Sufi shrine in Dera Ghazi Khan that killed more than 40 Pakistanis. The brainwashed teenage would-be suicide bomber is “unrepentant,” according to the AP:

His accomplices brought carnage to a Sufi shrine, but the 14-year-old suicide bomber who was captured after his explosives failed to detonate was unrepentant.

“Let me go, I want to be a martyr,” he said as he was being led away, according to police officer Khalid Mahmood. “I want to send all you policemen to hell!”

The boy, identified as Fida Hussain, was arrested at the shrine in central Pakistan shortly after Sunday’s twin suicide blasts, which killed 42 people and wounded 100 others . The complex close to Dera Ghazi Khan in central Pakistan was crowded with thousands of people attending an annual festival.

And here’s the shocking part:

Mahmood [a Pakistani police officer] said both boys were apparently from North Waziristan, one of seven tribally administered areas close to Afghanistan.

And that earns this story the coveted Captain Louis Renault award. Because who would believe that North Waziristan is a jihad factory?

The Pakistani military and intelligence services have fought tooth and nail against carrying out an operation in North Waziristan, claiming their forces are already overstretched. The US has, in vain, made the case that North Waziristan is the epicenter of al Qaeda’s external operations network as well as attacks against Afghan and NATO forces in Afghanistan (this is only partially true, al Qaeda and allied groups are entrenched in other areas of Pakistan as well). Yet many of the suicide attacks inside Pakistan emanate from North Waziristan. And the Pakistani government and military still won’t act in North Waziristan to protect Pakistan’s own citizens. Given that the Pakistani military and intelligence services still cling to the notion of good Taliban and good jihadis, this is also shocking.

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  • Charu says:

    He is just a child! Why isn’t there a huge outcry in the Muslim world over this terrible outrage? If Muslims in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, India and Indonesia marched in protest to denounce the use of children as suicide bombers, the cowardly evil jihadists in Waziristan who sent this child to fight their battles would surely take notice.
    This is a war for the heart and mind of Muslims, and if the majority of Muslims worldwide expended a fraction of the energy they spend on protesting trivialities like the burning of Korans or cartoons of Mohamed, then the jihadists would lose. Their silence over the inhuman act of using children to kill, and other similar acts of barbarism carried out in the name of Islam, only emboldens the jihadists.

  • jayc says:

    Bill, I really enjoy the Capitan Renault awards you publish, and never hesitate to play the movie cut just to get a chuckle.
    Might I suggest the next award recipient, even if it is of a traitor? I propose none other than Adam Gadahn, alias Assam Al-Amriki, who very tongue-in-cheek stated, “Muslims don’t kill other Muslims!”

  • Spooky says:

    Well you have to remember, they don’t SEE the Shia as Muslims. Thus, in their minds, they’re technically correct. Such is the insane logic of the fundamentalist mind.
    Also, there IS outrage, we just don’t cover it because its as regular as partisan politics is in the US. Bahrain, for example, is an example of protest against such ill treatment. Part of the Arab-Persian rivalry is rooted in the constant attacks and counterattacks between the sects.
    Indeed, if Iran’s Army was ANYWHERE near the standard of Pakistan’s, they’d be more vocal in their opposition. But they aren’t, cuz unlike the US, Pakistan is at their border and could maul them badly…or support Baloch terrorism.

  • Charu says:

    Sufis are Sunnis. This is hard line Sunnis (Deobandhis) killing relatively-speaking more moderate Sunnis (Barelvis).

  • Neonmeat says:

    @ Charu
    I totally agree

  • Paul D says:

    Its a case of i am more Islamic than you with the most extreme following the Koran to the letter!
    Islamist by any name is the enemy starting with the Saudi Religious Authority through Muslim Brotherhood through Pak ISI-All have the same plans ie Global Islamic expansion.The biggest battleground at the moment being Asia,Africa with eyes on Europe and the Americas to come!


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