ISAF targets Taj Mir Jawad Network in Khost

Back in July 2010, The Long War Journal was the first (and to my knowledge the only) news outlet to report on the Kabul Attack Network, a jihadist syndicate that sought to strike in and around the Afghan capital, and to identify the two leaders of the group: Taj Mir Jawad, and Daud (Dawood). Ten months later, in a press release that documented a special operations raid in Khost, ISAF has mentioned Taj Mir Jawad:

A combined Afghan and coalition force captured a Taliban leader and detained several suspected insurgents during a security operation in Khost District, Khost province, yesterday.

The leader was associated with the Taj Mir Jawad network, which plans and conducts attacks against Afghan and coalition forces in the Pul-e Alam district, Logar province. He planned attacks in coordination with other Taliban leaders and facilitators in the area.

The combined security force targeted a compound in the district based on multiple intelligence reports. The force isolated the compound calling for all occupants to peacefully exit.

The Taliban leader, along with several suspected insurgents, was detained after interviewing residents at the compound. No shots were fired during the operation.

ISAF confirmed to The Long War Journal that this is indeed the same Taj Mir Jawad who is also a senior commander in the Kabul Attack Network.

In addition to co-leading the Kabul Attack Network, Jawad is also a senior Taliban propagandist and is believed to be one of the personalities behind Zabibullah Mujahid, the “spokesman” for the Taliban who publishes at Voice of Jihad.

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