ISAF targets HIG in east, IMU in north

The ISAF and Afghan special operations raids continue against the Hizb-i Islami Gulbuddin in the east and the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan in the north. From the latest ISAF press release on the raids against HIG in Khost:

In the Sabari and Bak Districts of Khost province, Afghan and coalition forces targeted a Hezb-e Islami Gulbuddin weapons and IED facilitator, and detained two suspected insurgents during security operations, yesterday.

The facilitator works as a middle man for insurgents who are in need of IED components such as fuses, prime cords, gun powder and other bomb-making materials. He is responsible for coordinating and conducting IED attacks in the Sabari District.

The security force advanced to the targeted compound where they called for the residents to exit the buildings peacefully before conducting a search. Two suspected insurgents were detained after initial questioning at the scene for involvement in insurgent activity.

Security forces also recovered two chest racks and IED making materials.

As noted at LWJ back when Farid, HIG’s media emir, was captured, ISAF has dramatically stepped up efforts against HIG in the east. The HIG network in Sabari in Khost (which is also a Haqqani Network stronghold), has been hit especially hard.

And from the same release, on the raid against the IMU in Baghlan:

Afghan and coalition security forces targeted a Taliban and Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan safe haven and detained numerous insurgents during security operations in Burkah District, Baghlan province, yesterday.

Intelligence reports led the security force to the targeted compound where they called for all residents to exit the buildings peacefully before conducting a search. Numerous suspected insurgents were detained at the scene after initial questioning.

This is the third raid in the Burkah district against the IMU since March 8.

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