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Twenty people were killed in Mogadishu after Somali soldiers opened fire on each other. Shabaab executed their deputy intelligence chief after accusing him of being a “US spy.”

United Kingdom

Rajib Karim, a former employee of British Airways, admitted in court to providing support to terror groups, including producing and distributing a propaganda videotape. Karim volunteered to carry out training at terror camps and provided funding for al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen.


Recordings made by Danish security reveal that the four men from Sweden who plotted to attack the Jyllands-Posten newspaper planned to kill as many people as possible within 20 minutes. One suspect said: “When the unfaithful are gathered, tie them up and cut their throats.” Automatic weapons, silencers, and heavy duty tape were found in […]


Egypt roundup: Muslim Brotherhood rejects new government


Iran could have nuclear weapon by 2012 – Britain