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WikiLeaks: Britain secretly advised Libya how to secure release of Lockerbie bomber


An al Qaeda commander kidnapped 21 tribal leaders in Kunar. The Taliban killed a militia commander in Parwan and an ISAF soldier in the east. Police are searching for 15 female Chechen terrorists in Kunduz. Special operations forces detained a Taliban commander and a fighter in Jalalabad.

Afghan police search for 15 Chechen women aiding the Taliban in Kunduz

According to DPA, Afghan police in Kunduz are looking for 15 Chechen women in the northern Afghan province who are aiding the Taliban. The women are either serving as nurses or “are experts in making roadside bombs and suicide vests.” The information comes from a captured Afghan Taliban commander and other fighters in custody. Keep […]


Egypt’s new vice president appeared on state television to announce a dialogue on reforms with the political opposition. The last Internet Service Provider in Egypt has been shut down. Israel approved the Egyptian Army’s request to deploy two battalions to the Sinai.

Shabaab executes deputy intel chief for ‘spying’ for US

Shabaab executed the group’s deputy intelligence chief yesterday after accusing him of spying for the US. has the story: Somalia’s extremist group of Al Shabaab has executed their intelligence chief’s deputy, accusing him of spying for FBI amid mounting disputes to suppress civilian harassments between the group’s leaders.. Ahmed Ali Hussein, known as Ahmed […]


Twenty people were killed in Mogadishu after Somali soldiers opened fire on each other. Shabaab executed their deputy intelligence chief after accusing him of being a “US spy.”

United Kingdom

Rajib Karim, a former employee of British Airways, admitted in court to providing support to terror groups, including producing and distributing a propaganda videotape. Karim volunteered to carry out training at terror camps and provided funding for al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen.


Recordings made by Danish security reveal that the four men from Sweden who plotted to attack the Jyllands-Posten newspaper planned to kill as many people as possible within 20 minutes. One suspect said: “When the unfaithful are gathered, tie them up and cut their throats.” Automatic weapons, silencers, and heavy duty tape were found in […]


Egypt roundup: Muslim Brotherhood rejects new government


Iran could have nuclear weapon by 2012 – Britain


Egypt protests: Cairo prison break prompts fear of fundamentalism


Egypt’s Mubarak opens door to talks with rival political parties


Parliament Speaker Larijani blamed recent terrorist attacks in Iran on Israel. The cultural minister pledged to strengthen ties between Iran and Armenia. An American-Israeli group claimed Egypt’s El Baradei is a stooge of the Iranian regime.

Lashkar-e-Islam exact revenge for death of Taliban commander in Predator strike

Ibn Amin, from a ‘wanted’ poster released by the Pakistani government in 2009. The Lashkar-e-Islam, a Taliban-like group based in Pakistan’s Khyber tribal agency, recently assassinated four of their own after accusing them of providing the means for the US to kill a dangerous Taliban commander linked to al Qaeda. According to The News, a […]


Egypt in crisis: vigilantes and prisoners on the streets

Another al Qaeda-linked Taliban commander targeted in Farah

ISAF and Afghan forces continue to target the al Qaeda and Qods Force-linked cells in Farah and Nimroz provinces. Special operations forces captured another Taliban commander in the Afghan west associated with “foreign fighters,” or al Qaeda. From the ISAF press release: Afghan and coalition forces detained a Taliban leader along with two suspected insurgents […]