Mystery of the ‘White Taliban’ in Nuristan solved?


The May 17 post here at Threat Matrix on the so-called “white Taliban” who was seen in a Taliban video taken in Nuristan generated some interesting emails from a couple of knowledgeable observers. The images of the Western-looking man with short hair and Western-looking clothes have caused many to speculate that there are Westerners operating openly in Nuristan. But a closer look indicates the young man is very likely a young Nuristani.

Below are excerpts from two of several emails I’ve received. The authors of these two emails, who wish to remain anonymous, have spent time in the eastern Afghanistan region and studied it closely.

First, an excerpt from an email from an Afghanistan expert and analyst:

First, the first screen shot shows Sheikh Dost mohammed in close proximity to the “white guy.” Now, it is clear that the guy in question is a) pale b) beardless c) wearing strange gear. I’ve been pretty close to these areas and can tell you that there are scores of paler, red headed, some blondes, running around this area. Nuristanis (the ethnic group) in fact appear to be European. So there is a possibility that this man is in fact a Nuristani, however, he could also be one of the German IJU [Islamic Jihad Union] folks we know about. But his nose and facial features (to me anyway, resemble that of a Nuristani).

Second, an excerpt from an email sent by a US military officer, who recently spent a year on the ground in Nuristan:

Nuristan is home to a variety of unique individuals due to the xenophobic tendencies of its people. Some of this relates back to Alexander the great, and some of those genes have stayed within a few families. After living out there for a year and interacting with hundreds of locals I would say that individual is most likely just a local boy with unique genes. I wouldn’t put it past him to have worked on the camp as a local laborer…

The jackets are not uncommon in the area, but some what rare. Humanitarian Assistance has been passed out before and those jackets resemble some of them, usually worn by “kids”. Its also in Nuristani tradition to only have a beard when you can actually grow one or at least have decent coverage. He may be to young for this so he continues to shave.

This person followed up and confirmed that the jacket was the same type that is passed out by humanitarian aid groups in the area. The contact emailed me a photo of a Nuristani kid wearing a jacket that appears to be a match with the one in the Taliban video.

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  • JT says:

    No argument with anything said in the quotes. However, the sweater with collared shirt and the fact he is not wearing anything covering his head also appear unusual for people of the area.

  • steve m. says:

    Maybe he is Dost Mohammed’s dancing boy.

  • Mr. Wolf says:

    Watching his behavior in that market, he appears to be “watching” the old man (Dost M.). He also is not in the other parts of the video where the old man visits a home/shura. This leads me to think of an operational agent for Russian territory. The shirt, jacket, manners, etc. makes me think of a westerner “allowed” to visit/meet the elders. Maybe for discussions, maybe for information, maybe for a wedding to a grandchild. It appears as if the “one white man” is slightly protected, and without “local” attire, probably only in town for a visit. Could also be from Tashkent where this group is said to have found some new sources of income.
    Lots of stuff to speculate on, but his absence is more strange to me, than his presence.

  • bob says:

    Its reminiscent of the sightings by U.S troops of caucasians on patrol with NVA in Vietnam, although none were ever found or shot, could well have been Russian advisers.


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