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Were you aware that the Taliban are staunch defenders of freedom of speech and the press? Don’t believe, me just read the Taliban’s latest statement on the Afghan government’s proposed restrictions on press coverage of Taliban attacks. The statement, originally published at The Voice of Jihad, the Taliban’s website, and reprinted below, is a curious mix of concern over the erosion of civil liberties and press freedoms that could have been written by a panel of members of the American Civil Liberty Union and Reporters Without Frontiers, and the standard Taliban frothing at the mouth over “puppets” and “occupiers.”

While reading the statement below, keep in mind that several journalists have been killed in IED attacks, while even more have been kidnapped and ransomed by the Taliban. And if you’re an Afghan reporter, forget abut the ransom; your chances of living are slim to none, with slim being beheaded.

Here is the statement:

According to international media reports, the Kabul Puppet Administration have warned media outlets not to publish or transmit live reports of events without obtainment of prior permission. In case of violation, they have threatened to arrest relevant reporters, seize their equipment and impose ban on activities of the concerned media outlet in a given area. International media outlets, civil societies and human rights organizations have condemned the irrational warning of the Kabul puppet administration. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considers this measure of the surrogate administration as a flagrant violation of the recognized principle of freedom of speech and wants to announce as follows:

1. The ban on independent mass media outlets by the Puppet Administration is, in fact, an effort by the surrogates to put a clout on their failure and shameful fiascos, which they face during confrontations with the Mujahideen in every part of the country.

2. The monopolization of activities of independent mass media outlets by the Kabul Puppet Administration is a clear-cut violation of norms and regulation of neutrality, independence and liberty of speech and has no justification in the light of national and international laws.

3. The said unjustified step of the Kabul Puppet Administration, defacto, originates from the anti-human attitude of their masters i.e. the Americans, who are bent on imposing their dictatorship and the so-called abhorrent liberty on independent nations.

4. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan while inviting all activists of mass media to accurately publish ground realities, highly appreciates the courageous efforts of the fact-finding and investigative journalists, reporters and photographers who continue their duty to reflect the ground realities of the Afghans issue despite threats and obstacles that they are facing in their way.

5. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, pertinent to its previous request, urges all employees of independent and neutral media outlets to initially observe the losses inflicted on the invaders by the Mujahideen and the destruction caused to public properties by the invaders and then transmit or publish their reports for the judgment of the public of the world. This as a part of their obligation to fulfill their journalistic mission and convey the true picture of events to the people of the world without any inclination to support the aggression of the invaders.

Bill Roggio is a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and the Editor of FDD's Long War Journal.

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  • T Ruth says:

    As long as the Taliban controls the Quetta to Qandahar axis they are entitled to believe that they will control the Karachi to Kabul axis….in time.
    They are getting ready to return and this time their plan is for their Pakistani bretheren to topple the fake, feudal and farcical Govt in Islamabad through a revolution. In this way, they will maintain the strategic depth that they now hold.
    This statement is part of the emerging stance on the political front encouraged by (a) the US’s exit strategy, (b) the lack of a cohesive US/Western strategy in and for Pakistan and (c) the London conference and associated smart-power talk-channel initiatives

  • DANNY says:

    “your chances of living are slim to none, with slim being beheaded.” Lol
    and here I thought slim was on a slow boat…
    They are hypocrites for sure. Like revenge killings, they fume threats all the time after we get one of their leaders, but Islam forbids revenge. So spiritual…? Bah, Barbarians! any of you moderates taking notice?

  • Mr T says:

    It’s the Kukla, Khan, and Ali puppet show.

  • Cordell says:

    At least one Afghan reporter embedded with the Taliban and lived to tell about it. He had been invited by a local commander who apparently thought it would be good PR. The reporter’s amazing story and associated video of Taliban operations entitled “Behind Taliban Lines” aired about a week ago on PBS Frontline. You can view it at the following link: //video.pbs.org/video/1423567086/
    The 30 minute video would be humorous, akin to the “Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight,” if did not cover such a deadly serious matter. Not to spoil the ending, but the video does show how close the reporter came to being executed after visiting AQ officers accused him of spying for the Americans. So this brief moment of Taliban journalistic freedom is probably the proverbial exception that proves the rule.
    Given that this forum is somewhat off the beaten track of the LWJ, you might consider putting a link to the video on the main web page. LWJ readers who missed this Frontline episode would undoubtedly be fascinated by this footage.

  • Bill Roggio says:

    I posted the video the night the program was released, in the Videos section, see here:
    I wonder the last time ISAF threatened to behead a reporter was anyway?

  • malik says:

    i do not why are you so afraid of name Taliban! They are also humans! if you talk to them and allow them to live the life of their choice they will not attack on your way of life! just do not be afraid and try to trust

  • joe says:

    That’s cool Malik… But what if their “life of choice” happens to include the freedom to attack and conquer others who do not share the same medieval religion/philosophy? How about if their “life of choice” includes harboring the most dangerous terrorists on the planet, with known actions and intentions of hurting complete innocents?
    Sure they are Human. But Humans are without doubt the most dangerous lifeform on Earth, despite moments of decency and kindness.
    While I do not actually believe in “Inalienable Human Rights” (rights are just another human societal construct), this little quote may be illuminating to some:

  • T Ruth says:

    malik, be patient, we will talk to you at the right time….soon enough. After your leadership has been crushed or trapped one way or another. After your 100+ terror training camps have been flattened off. After your Mullahs have been drawn into the 21st century from the 7th or 14th wherever they are. After your Govt openly renounces terrorism as a state policy and commits to living peacefully with your neighbors. And after we disengage your nukes, one way or another. We will talk with you, trust me.


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