Taliban commander killed by Pakistani forces dies of cancer


Daily Times inadvertently stumbles across one of the many mysteries that is Pakistan. Shah Doran, the second in command of the Swat chapter of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan and Mullah Fazlullah’s right hand man, died of complications from cancer in the Bajaur tribal agency and was buried the other day:

A leader of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan’s Swat chapter and a broadcaster of the illegal Taliban FM radio, Shah Doran, died of cancer in Bajaur last week, sources said on Saturday. The sources said that Doran had been suffering from prostrate and kidney cancer and had died from a lack of proper medical care on December 17, adding that he was buried in a remote area of Mamond tehsil the day after he died. They said that several TTP commanders attended his funeral prayers.

The Pakistani military claimed Doran was killed, however, in June during the military operation in Swat.

The Doran incident brings to mind the death of Abu Faraj, a dangerous Swat Taliban commander who orchestrated suicide attacks. Faraj was killed during a military operation in Swat in December after being captured in September. Faraj supposedly accompanied Pakistani troops during a raid.

Doran’s death in the Momand region in Bajaur also highlights the Pakistani military’s failure to restore order in the tribal agency after touting the success of a military operation that ended in March.

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  • Mars says:

    lol Id swear thats an Enfield in the foreground of that photo He must be the scout/sniper

  • Render says:

    Mosin-Nagant 91/30 with scope. Note the barrel cleaning rod and old Soviet pattern scope.
    Although an Enfield would be almost as likely in the region.


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