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A suicide bomber killed 16 cadets in an attack on a training center in Swat. The Taliban destroyed 25 NATO supply trucks and oil tankers at the Chaman border crossing, killed a counterterrorism police chief and an officer in Karak, and attacked a police station in Lakki Marwat. Security forces killed 3 Taliban fighters in […]

Iraq attacks and the Syrian connection

As Iraq takes greater responsibility for its security, the government has begun to lash out at Syria for serving as a sanctuary and training ground for al Qaeda in Iraq and other Sunni and Ba’athist insurgent groups. Today the Iraqi government aired the confession of Mohammed Hassan al Shemari, a Saudi al Qaeda member who […]


A Saudi leader of al Qaeda in Iraq named Mohammed Hassan al Shemari said Syrian intelligence trained fighters to conduct attacks. “They taught us lessons in Islamic law and trained us to fight,” Shemari said. “The camp was well known to Syrian intelligence.” A Syrian intelligence agent called Abu al Qaqaa commanded a camp.


US and Afghan forces killed scores of Taliban fighters during assaults on Haqqani Network bases in Khost and Pakitka and captured two Taliban commanders and two fighters in Kunar province. An ISAF soldier was killed in southern Afghanistan. The Brits destroyed a Chinook helicopter after a hard landing in Helmand. The Taliban killed two children […]


The number of Iraqi detainees in US custody has dropped below 9,000. The suicide bombers in the Aug. 19 Baghdad attack had been released from US detention months ago. Iraqi forces detained 14 members of a cell behind the Aug. 19 bombings in Baghdad and eight wanted men in Basrah. A suicide bomber killed one […]


Madhatta Haipe, an Abu Sayyaf terrorist who kidnapped American tourists in South Cotabato province in 1995, appeared before a federal court in Washington and was ordered held without bail. An IED planted by Abu Sayyaf wounded two Army engineers as they were on the way to a local mosque to pray in Sulu province. The […]

15 policemen killed in Swat suicide attack

The suicide bomber entered the training grounds at the Special Police Training Center in Mingora and detonated his vest. The attack is the latest in a string of attacks targeting Pakistan’s security forces.

Saudi Arabia

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula named the suicide bomber who died while attempting to assassinate Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, the deputy minister of the interior who leads counterterrorism efforts. The bomber, who entered the country from Yemen, was named Abdullah Hassan Tali’ al Asiri and was on the kingdom’s list of 85 most wanted […]

Al Qaeda ‘running’ from Pakistan, again

The good news is Pakistani Interior Minister Rehman Malik seems to have dropped the charade that newly appointed Taliban chief Hakeemullah Mehsud is dead. The bad news is we’re going to be bombarded with more of the “Taliban is collapsing” rhetoric. From The Nation (the Pakistani newspaper): Interior Minister Rehman Malik has said Pakistan and […]


Pakistan: Jamaat-e-Islami striving for alliance of anti-US political parties


Security forces killed 12 Taliban fighters and six suicide bombers in Swat and captured 13 more in Swat and Malakand, and detained the superintendent of a hospital in North Waziristan for treating Taliban fighters. The Pakistani government closed the border crossing at Chaman in Baluchistan. Sufi Mohammed’s detention was extended for one month.

An Afghan mutiny

Here’s an excellent and quick read on how a civilian casualty caused by Coalition forces can quickly spiral into chaos. An Irish Embedded Training Team of eight soldiers with a platoon of Afghan troops (about 30 soldiers) faces a mutiny after a mother is wounded and her daughter is killed. The Times Online excepts from […]


Iraq™s ambivalence about the American military


Muslim terrorists killed three officials in a bombing in Yala, two soldiers in an attack on a checkpoint in Narathiwat, and one villager in Pattani; 21 other persons were wounded in the attacks. Terrorists also wounded 26 civilians in a bombing near a restaurant in Narathiwat.

US transfers 2 from Guantanamo Bay to Portugal


Suicide bombers killed nine policemen in Shurqat and six civilians in Sinjar; 37 Iraqis were wounded in both attacks. Security forces detained 14 wanted men in Basrah and two Naqshabandiya members in Makhmour. Two US soldiers were killed in an IED attack in Baghdad on Aug. 28.


Presidential candidate Abdullah said he would not accept a Karzai victory. A suicide bomber killed two Afghans in Zabul province. Afghan and Coalition forces killed six Taliban fighters in Farah province, three in Ghazni province, and killed one Taliban fighter and detained two commanders in Kunar province. The Taliban killed two civilians in Khost province.


UAE reports ship seizure with NKorea arms for Iran

Lockerbie bomber release was wrong, Scots say in poll

Afghanistan: The Taliban push back