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Pakistan – Al Qaeda had no role in Taliban chief™s appointment: Faqir Mohammed

Pakistan’s most-wanted: look at who isn’t listed

Pakistan’s interior ministry has a top ten most-wanted list, according to Amir Mir, the journalist for The News. According to Mir, the top ten list is as follows: 1. Mullah Fazlullah – the chief of the Taliban in Swat. 2. Hakeemullah Mehsud – the new leader of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan and […]


Was Russia’s ‘Arctic Sea’ carrying missiles to Iran?


Security forces killed an al Qaeda leader from Algeria and a local fighter during a raid on a home in the Khasavyurt district in Dagestan. The Algerian was known as Doctor Muhammed and was “tasked to oversee terrorist acts in Dagestan,” a Russian security official said.


Son of Iran candidate ally died after beating: report


Security forces detained 10 al Qaeda fighters in Diyala, eight wanted men in Basrah and one more in Amarah, and three terrorists in Mosul. The Turkish foreign minister said Iraq’s evidence against Syrian involvement in the Sunni insurgency is convincing and he would pass the information to Syria.


The Chaman border crossing has been reopened after 25 NATO vehicles and oil tankers were destroyed in Taliban attacks. Security forces killed 30 Taliban fighters in Swat and detained one Taliban operative in Sukkar.


General McChrystal submitted the assessment of the security situation in Afghanistan. He will reportedly call for the doubling of Afghan Army and police forces. Four ISAF soldiers were killed in IED and small arms attacks in southern Afghanistan.

Indonesian police: Islamic militants planned bigger attack than July’s Jakarta bombing

Thailand’s insurgency remains localized


Israel: Islamist ‘militant’ accused of murder plot

US released Baghdad bombers (Law & Order: Special Jihad Unit)

The AFP quickly reported that the two suicide bombers behind the recent spectacular attacks in Baghdad on Aug. 19 were released from American custody at Camp Bucca a few months ago. There is some relevant background worth understanding about US detention of Iraqis: 1. The transfer of detainees out of US custody and back into […]


President Ahmadinejad’s new intelligence minister vowed to “confront the enemy’s soft war” against the government. Ayatollah Khamenei vowed to prosecute post-vote “crimes.” Six nations are to meet in Germany to discuss Iran’s nuclear program.


President Bashar al Assad denied Iraqi claims that Syria is aiding al Qaeda in Iraq and other insurgent groups and said such statements are “immoral.” Both countries withdrew their ambassadors. Turkey is attempting to mediate the dispute between Syria and Iraq.


New Shiite-Sunni political coalition formed


In Srinagar, two Indian policemen were killed after terrorists launched an attack close to the Jammu and Kashmir Assembly, and in a separate incident five police officers and nine civilians were wounded in a grenade attack. Violence in Jammu and Kashmir has fallen to its lowest level since the insurgency began in 1989.

Saudi Arabia

The government ordered security at oil facilities, including the massive Abqaiq complex and the Ras Tanura terminal, to be stepped up after last week’s failed suicide attack that targeted the Deputy Interior Minister, Prince Muhammad bin Nayef. The Abqaiq facility was targeted with a suicide assault in February 2006.


Pakistan – Invisible security blanket around AQ Khan™s residence