The Trainer: Zamir Muhammad (Muhammad Noor Uthman)

Name: Zamir Muhammad (Muhammad Noor Uthman)

ISN #: 707

Citizenship: Sudan

Birth Date/Year: Unknown

Alleged Affiliation: An al Qaeda Trainer at the Khalden camp in Afghanistan.

Key Allegation(s): Zamir Muhammad worked for top al Qaeda operative Abu Zubaydah as a trainer at al Qaeda’s Khalden camp and was slated to take part in an operation against Israel at the time of his capture.

Capture: Captured by Pakistani and American authorities at an al Qaeda safehouse with top al Qaeda operative Abu Zubaydah in late March of 2002.

Current Status: He is reportedly being held at Guantanamo.


By early March of 2002, U.S. investigators were beginning to close in on top al Qaeda operative Abu Zubaydah. Zubaydah is a long-time al Qaeda operative who ran the Khalden training camp near Kabul and played a key role in al Qaeda™s millennium plots. Al Qaeda has safehouses peppered throughout Pakistan and Zubaydah was thought to be staying at one. According to The New York Times, investigators first narrowed down his location to either a safehouse in Lahore, or another safehouse about 80 miles away in Faisalabad. Pakistani and U.S. authorities conducted raids on safehouses in both cities in late March of 2002, and a number of the detained suspects ended up at Guantanamo.

Zubaydah, who was found at a safehouse in Faisalabad, underwent controversial interrogations at the CIA™s so-called black sites before being transferred to Cuba some time later. Waiting for him was detainee #707, Zamir Muhammad (sometimes referred to as Muhammad Noor Uthman in the government™s unclassified files), who was captured alongside Zubaydah after a prolonged shootout with Pakistani and American authorities.

The U.S. government alleges that Zamir spent much of the time between 1994 and 2000 as a trainer at Khalden. During his combatant status review tribunal (CSRT), Zamir did not deny that he was a Khalden trainer, but claimed the camp had nothing to do with al Qaeda. “[Y]es I did train the people,”

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