In Pictures: Suicide car bomb attack at Combat Outpost Inman


Click the image to view the slideshow of the suicide truck bombing at Combat Outpost Inman in western Mosul.

MOSUL, IRAQ: Al Qaeda in Iraq continues to attempt to stop the Iraqi Army and the police from expanding its footptint in Mosul. The latest attack devastated a combat outpost on the road to Tal Afar. Thirteen Iraqi soldiers from the 1st Battalion, 3rd Brigade of the 2nd Iraqi Army division were killed and 42 were wounded after a suicide bomber drove a truck packed with explosives and detonated it in the center of Combat Outpost Inman. This slideshow looks at the aftermath of the attack.

See Suicide car bomb attack killed 13 Iraqi soldiers in Mosul for more information on the strike.

Bill Roggio is a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and the Editor of FDD's Long War Journal.



  • anand says:

    A moving set of pictures. Thank you.

  • doug says:

    That looks roughly the same size as the crater in front of the Murray building in Oklahoma City… probably more powerful explosives than the ANFO used in OKC…Hard to see how it could have gotten into the compound without help from an insider.

  • Michael says:

    Sad losses.
    STill good to see other steps being taken regarding leadership. Curious if they will have to be retrained and possibly split soldiers off to better outfits and rebuild? Or, is this group salvageable as is thru better leadership?
    How does one know when such a group is to poisoned by its past failures?
    Even if there were some insiders, one of the issues is they failed to set up zig-zag lanes of concrete wall impediments to slow down possible VBIED incursions. It seems lack of discipline led to this. Not that the VBIED would not cause significant damage with all things in place, but lives might have been saved.
    I wonder how communication of appropriate defenses is distributed thru IA and between IA and CF. Does IA “optionally” take advice or leave it? Or must IA follow the same rules of defense and enforcement of ongoing and new strategic initiatives?

  • Therapist1 says:

    The devastation is just incredible. I wonder how they were able to penetrate the perimeter so easily, or was this the truck that was bullet proofed?

  • Dave says:

    Bill, have you heard anything about this? Is this serious or bad journalism?
    Critical cease-fire in Iraq unravels as U.S. death toll mounts
    By Leila Fadel and Nancy A. Youssef, McClatchy Newspapers
    Mon Mar 24, 8:19 PM ET
    BAGHDAD – A cease-fire critical to the improved security situation in Iraq appeared to unravel Monday when a militia loyal to radical Shiite Muslim cleric Muqtada al Sadr began shutting down neighborhoods in west Baghdad and issuing demands of the central government.

  • jordan says:

    The AP video footage on top, right, appears taken by someone traveling with the militia men. Is it an AP photographer, or is AP just getting that footage directly from the militias?

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