Dual suicide bombings in Lahore kill 28

Aftermath of the suicide bombing outside Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency. Geo News photo. Click to view.

Taliban suicide bombers have struck again in the Pakistan city of Lahore. Near-simultaneous suicide car bomb attacks hit two buildings in Lahore, killing at least 28 and wounding over 160 Pakistanis. One of the suicide car bombers struck an office building housing Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency headquarters and a US counterterrorism team.

Pakistani officials received warnings the offices of the Federal Investigation Agency would be attacked, “but we were not expecting it in Lahore,” Federal Investigation Agency chief Tariq Pervaz told Geo News. “The agency mainly deals with immigration and people smuggling but the building also housed the offices of a special US-trained unit created to counter terrorism,” Geo News reported. Twenty-two Pakistanis were killed in the blast; no US deaths have been reported in the blast that tore the front of the eight-story office building.

The second bombing occurred outside an advertising firm, but the motive for this attack is unclear. At least six Pakistanis were killed and scores wounded in the bombing.

Today’s dual suicide bombing in Lahore is the sixth major strike inside Pakistan since Feb. 25. The Taliban’s last major attack occurred at the Naval War College in Lahore on March 4. Seven Pakistanis were killed and 21 were wounded in that attack.

An attack at a tribal meeting in the settled district of Kohat in the Northwest Frontier Province on March 2 resulted in more than 40 killed and 40 wounded. The tribal leaders were discussing how to curb Taliban attacks in Kohat and the neighboring Orakzai tribal agency.

A suicide bomber attacked a vehicle of the Bajaur Levies on March 1. Two paramilitary soldiers were killed and 24 were wounded. A suicide bomber struck at a policeman’s funeral in the settled district of Lakki Marwat on Feb. 29. More than 40 Pakistanis were killed and scores more were wounded, many of them critically.

On Feb. 25, a suicide bomber killed the Pakistani Army’s surgeon general in the military garrison city of Rawalpindi. Seven others were killed in the attack and 20 were wounded after a Taliban suicide bomber rammed into Lieutenant General Mushtaq Ahmed Baig’s staff car. Mushtaq is the senior-most general killed in Pakistan since Sept. 11, 2001.

Bill Roggio is a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and the Editor of FDD's Long War Journal.



  • As per the Interior minister of Pakistan (interim), these suicide bombings are the work of USA,Isreal and India.
    Basically he is unable to digest that the suicide bombers who used to obey the ISI are now INDEPENDENT. Even the chinese have understood this and have made a pact with baitullha Mehsud to save their engineers working in theFATA

  • kamal khan says:

    The detained terrorists in the custody of Pakistani authorities have accepted the reality that they had been brain washed, trained and equipped in Afghanistan to carry out suicide bombing in Pakistani territory.
    One might think how a war ravaged country like Afghanistan has managed to carry out training for suicide bombers and provided them huge amount of explosives. There must be some hidden hand that is providing monitory support and ammunition supply, the answer to this question is not very surprising. Sadly, Indian consulates in Afghanistan have established these malicious training network and Indian Intelligence agencies are regularly providing huge funds for their efficiency and functioning. There target is to sabotage the peace and stability of Pakistan and growing problems for it. India remained next door enemy of Pakistan since its creation, now it has established fake friendly relations with Afghanistan under the disguise of conducting development projects on its soil. It has also maintained strong ingress into Afghanistan’s internal affairs and got hidden support of its high ups in establishing and maintaining covert suicide bombing training camps.
    The trainers of suicide bombers carryout an outlook of religious clerics but in fact they have no link with Islam. They get huge sum of money from their hidden masters to train, indoctrinate, and brain wash innocent youth as suicide bombers. The suicide bombers are least aware of the fact that they have been used and exploited by the enemies of Islam. They just believe their suicide will guarantee their entry in Heaven. Poor souls!! Completely mislead.
    There is a need to monitor Indian activities in Afghanistan!!! Why Indian has establishing so many consulates in Afghanistan!!!
    Which are the nefarious elements in Afghanistan that are working against Pakistan and facilitating India to breed suicide bombers!!!


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