Monthly Archives: September 2007


President Hamid Karzai offered to negotiate with Mullah Omar and said he would give the Taliban a government ministry; the Taliban rejected the offer. The Taliban released its Constitution of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. The French deployed a squadron of Mirage 2000D air-to-ground fighters at Kandahar Airfield.


US military deaths in Iraq lowest in 14 months

Maldives arrests 2 in tourist terrorism


Insurgents in Mogadishu attack Ethiopia troops in Somalia

Al Qaeda

One of the key suspects in the plot to attack US airbases and other installations in Germany is on the run inside Britain, German security officials stated. Ten other members of the cell have escaped German authorities.


Iraqi and US Special Forces captured a Shia extremist brigade leader in New Baghdad. Operations against al Qaeda’s network resulted in six killed and 27 wounded. Iraqi Special Operations Forces captured the al Qaeda in Iraq cell leader in Baghdad’s Ghazaliyah neighborhood.