Monthly Archives: September 2007


Iraq struggles to overcome bitter Diyala divide


Defeat sends Lebanese Fatah al Islam into hiding


Tehran denies militants’ claim of hidden nuclear facility


Three tribesmen were killed and nine soldiers and eight civilians were wounded in Taliban attacks in North Waziristan. The UN said 80 percent of Afghanistan’s suicide bombers are from the Waziristan agencies. The TNSM failed to blow up a statue in Swat. Dozens of journalist and lawyers were injured by riot police during a march […]


The African Union’s Haskanita peacekeeper base in Darfur was attacked. Up to 10 AU troops were killed and seven wounded. Over 40 troops may be missing. The government and Darfur rebels blamed each other for the attack. Al Qaeda’s Ayman al Zawahiri called for attacks on AU troops on September 20.


Iraq: We’ll Negotiate Long-Term Presence, Asks U.N. Security Council To Extend Mandate For US Forces Through End Of Next Year