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    Al Nusrah Front raids villages controlled by rebel group in Homs province

    15-11-07 Al Nusrah raids Shuhadaa Al Baydhaa brigade 1

    Al Nusrah Front has accused the Shuhadaa Al Baydhaa brigade in the northern part of Homs province of secretly serving Abu Bakr al Baghdadi's Islamic State. The brigade denies this allegation. Al Nusrah raided villages under Shuhadaa Al Baydhaa's control and claims to have captured "spoils." The move may be intended to secure a supply route for Al Nusrah into Homs. Read more →

    Islamic State video congratulates Sinai ‘province’ for downing Russian airliner

    Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 5.31.44 PM

    The Islamic State's Aleppo "province" has released a video congratulating its brothers in the Sinai "province" for downing a Russian airliner on October 31. The video is at least the fourth time that the Islamic State has claimed responsibility for the crash. The group has not provided evidence proving its culpability thus far, but Western officials say it is increasingly likely. Read more →

    Taliban announces withdrawal from center of Kunduz city

    Taliban flag

    The Taliban admitted earlier today that its forces have withdrawn from the center of Kunduz city. The group still controls all of the surrounding districts, however, meaning the city center is still under threat. While the Taliban portrayed its decision to withdraw as being somewhat altruistic, Amnesty International has accused the group of committing various crimes during its multi-day siege. Read more →