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Sinai-based jihadist group rebranded as Islamic State's official arm

A new video has been posted online by jihadists claiming to be the Islamic State's official arm in the Sinai. The Sinai jihadists were formerly part of Ansar Bayt al Maqdis, but are now marketing themselves as the Islamic State's representatives.

State Department adds Osama bin Laden's doctor to terrorist designation list

Ramzi Mawafi was added to the US government's list of specially designated global terrorists today. Mawafi has been publicly identified as the emir of al Qaeda in the Sinai Peninsula, which serves as a platform for funneling al Qaeda's assistance to allied jihadist groups.

State Department adds Ansar Jerusalem to terrorist designation lists

The State Department today added the Sinai-based jihadist group Ansar Jerusalem to the US government's lists of designated terrorist organizations. Although State says the group "generally maintains a local focus," its attacks are entirely consistent with al Qaeda's global jihad.

MSC in Jerusalem releases biography of member killed in June 2012

Salah-Abdul-Hadi-Jadullah.jpgA video biography of one of the two members of the Mujahideen Shura Council in the Environs of Jerusalem (MSC) who carried out the June 18, 2012 cross-border attack that killed one Israeli civilian was posted on jihadist forums.

Shin Bet: Rise in attacks from the Sinai in 2012

A newly released report from Israel's Shin Bet shows a rise in terror attacks originating in the Sinai in 2012. In addition, the report reveals that five attempted infiltrations by terrorists were thwarted last year.

Islamist militants suspected in attack on Egyptian police in Sinai

Several policemen were wounded in the attack. In what appears to be a separate incident, one policeman was killed by a sniper reportedly tied to extremist groups in the area.