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The Islamic State's global reach

AQAP eulogizes slain emir of Islamic Caucasus Emirate

Ali Abu Muhammad al Dagestani, the new emir of the Islamic Caucasus Emirate

Islamic Caucasus Emirate claims suicide bombings in southern Russia

Satellite imagery of Israeli strike in Latakia released

US officials confirm Israeli strike on Yakhont missiles in Syria

Did Israel strike in Syria again?

2 Islamic Caucasus Emirate leaders reported killed in Chechnya

Syrian regime reportedly using wide range of tactical ballistic missiles

Russians capture Arab judge for Caucasus Emirates

Russian forces kill Caucasus Emirate's commander for Dagestan

Doku Umarov says Russia is part of 'a single theater of war'

Moscow airport suicide attack linked to Caucasus terror group: report

Foreign fighters in the Afghan north

Caucasus Emirate airs dirty laundry on Internet