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Is the 'Taliban's negotiator' under house arrest in the UAE?

Dozens killed in Taliban infighting in South Waziristan

Taliban launch suicide attacks in Kabul, Kunar, and Kunduz

Taliban suicide team kills 9 at Kabul hotel

American jihadist in Pakistan partially identified

Taliban kill 20 Afghan soldiers, capture 8 in Kunar

Afghan Taliban suicide assault team strikes in Kabul province

Jihadists create 'no-go zones' in northern Afghanistan

Afghan High Peace Council spokesman says US 'martyred' bin Laden

Green-on-blue attack in Kapisa kills 2 Coalition troops

Taliban establish training camps in southern Helmand

US military condemns Afghan government's release of 65 'dangerous individuals'

Taliban respond to terrorism designations of 3 Haqqani network leaders

Karzai courts the Taliban

State Department deputy spokesperson mischaracterizes al Qaeda

Taliban say Kabul suicide assault was response to ISAF raid in Parwan

7 Afghans involved in green-on-blue attacks may be freed

Taliban suicide bomber kills 3 ISAF soldiers in Kabul

Afghan Taliban spokesman dodges question on al Qaeda

Taliban claim credit for ISAF helo crash in Afghan south