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Former ISI officer executed in northwestern Pakistan

The "Asian Tigers" killed pro-Taliban and al Qaeda lawyer Khalid Khawaja after the Pakistani government failed to release top Afghan Taliban leaders.

Taliban shadow governor killed in Kunduz: Report

Afghan officials said Mullah Yar Mohammad and two of his aides were killed in a Coalition airstrike in Kunduz province.

Taliban deny kidnapping ex-ISI officers

The top spokesman for the Afghan Taliban and an unnamed commander denied any involvement in kidnapping Colonel Imam and Khalid Khawaja.

US withdrawal from Korengal Valley a 'Taliban propaganda coup'

The US military's withdrawal from the Valley of Death sends the wrong signals to the Afghan people as preparations for further operations begin in the south, US military officers said. Al Qaeda has also been given a new sanctuary.

Taliban demand prisoner exchange for two ex-ISI officers

The Taiban want Mullah Kabir and Mansour Dadullah released in exchange for Colonel Imam and Khalid Khawaja. A US official described the situation as a "farce."

Effectiveness of US strikes in Pakistan 'decreased 90 percent' since suicide strike on CIA - Siraj Haqqani

A look at the data shows a decrease in the number of top-tier terrorist leaders killed in US strikes in Pakistan since the beginning of 2010, after the suicide attack that targeted a CIA base in Afghanistan.

US designates 2 Pakistanis for running al Qaeda and Taliban charitable front groups

The leaders of the Al Akhtar Trust and the Al Rashid Trust continue to support the Taliban using their charitable fronts based in Karachi.

Taliban cooperation with al Qaeda 'is at the highest limits' - Siraj Haqqani

The leader of the Haqqani Network in eastern Afghanistan said the Taliban welcomes foreign fighters and that 90 percent of areas under his command are under Taliban control.

Taliban commander Qari Zia Rahman denies reports of his death

The powerful military commander spoke to the media and also denied that Hakeemullah Mehsud was dead. Qari Zia said he would concentrate his operations in eastern Afghanistan; ISAF has just pulled out of the Korengal Valley.

Taliban release video of captive US soldier

PFC-Bowe-Bergdahl-04072010.JPGPrivate First Class Bowe Bergdahl was captured by the Haqqani Network in June 2009. He was last seen in a Taliban video released on Christmas Day 2009.

Former Gitmo detainee targeting Afghan charities

Abdul Hafiz, a former Gitmo detainee, has reportedly rejoined the Taliban and is leading efforts to terrorize charities operating in Afghanistan. Hafiz was transferred to Afghanistan in December 2009 and is the first reported recidivist released by the Obama administration.

Former Gitmo detainee leads top Taliban council

Mullah Abdul Qayum Zakir is one of two top Taliban leaders designated on March 19 to replace Mullah Baradar, who was detained by Pakistan last month. Zakir was released from Guantanamo in 2007.

Hekmatyar's 'peace plan' calls for NATO withdrawal by 2011

Gulbiddin-Hekmatyar.jpgThe al Qaeda-linked leader sent a delegation to meet with the Afghan government. Conditions include an end to military operations and the withdrawal of "foreign fighters" after a NATO withdrawal.

Taliban, HIG infighting leads to split in Afghan insurgency in the North

More than 120 Hizb-i-Islami Gulbuddin fighters turned themselves in to the government after a major clash with local Taliban in Baghlan province.

Faqir Mohammad survived airstrike in Pakistan's tribal areas

The Taliban commander was reported killed by Pakistan's Interior Minister in a strike in Mohmand last week.

25 killed in Taliban infighting in Afghan North

Taliban fighters battled Hezb-i-Islam Gulbuddin forces in Baghlan province.

Top Taliban, al Qaeda leaders reported killed in Mohmand airstrikes

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Qari Zia Rahman and Faqir Mohammed were among 30 killed today in the tribal agency. Both leaders have been reported killed in the past.

Pakistan detains senior Afghan Taliban leader: Report

Agha Jan Mohtasim, the former Finance Minister during the Taliban regime and a relative of Mullah Omar, is reported to have been detained along with three associates.

Afghan Taliban's 'surge commander' Zakir not in custody

Mullah Abdul Qayum Zakir, a former detainee at the Guantanamo Bay detention facility, is not in Pakistani custody, according to US and Afghan intelligence officials.

Al Qaeda-linked Chinese terrorist leader reported killed in US strike in Pakistan

Abdul Haq al Turkistani, the leader of the Eastern Turkistan Islamic Party, may have been killed in the Feb. 15 airstrike in North Waziristan. The report is unconfirmed.