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Al Qaeda operatives killed in North Waziristan strike

A jihadist group said that an al Qaeda military commander, the leader of a local al Qaeda group, and a Turkish foreign fighter were killed in the June 10 airstrike in North Waziristan.

Taliban kill 10 Pakistani troops, capture 40 more in northwest

Ten Frontier Corps troops and 38 Taliban fighters were killed in Bajaur, while 40 more troops were captured in Mohmand by the Afghan Taliban.

Afghan Taliban deny being supported by Pakistan

The Quetta Shura issued a statement denying a report from the London School of Economics that outlined Pakistani military and intelligence support for the Afghan Taliban.

Taliban assassinate key district governor in Kandahar

Haji-Abdul-Jabbar-thumb.JPGHaji Abdul Jabbar, his son, and driver were killed in a bombing in the strategic Arghandab district, just north of Kandahar City.

US, Afghan forces kill Haqqani Network commander during raid in Khost

Fazil Subhan and an undisclosed number of Haqqani Network fighters were killed in the Shamul district. Subhan was known to facilitate al Qaeda operations.

Suicide bomber kills 40 at wedding in Kandahar

The attack took place in the Arghandab district just north of Kandahar City. An additional 74 people are reported to have been wounded.

Afghan commandos strike at the Taliban in the northwest

During a raid on a terrorist stronghold in the Balamurghab district in Badghis province, 23 Taliban fighters were killed and seven more were captured.

Al Qaeda-linked Taliban commander killed in western Afghanistan

Mullah Akhtar had ties to senior al Qaeda leaders and facilitated the training of Taliban fighters in Iran. He also has ties to Iran's Qods Force.

Al Qaeda in Iraq is 'broken,' cut off from leaders in Pakistan, says top US general

Odierno-thumb.jpegGeneral Ray Odierno said that Iraqi and US forces have captured or killed 34 of the top 42 al Qaeda in Iraq leaders over the past three months. The terror group is cut off from the senior leadership in Pakistan and Afghanistan and is also having difficulty recruiting.

Senior Taliban commander killed in Kandahar

Mullah Zergay, who served as the top military commander in the Kandahar region, was killed last week during a raid in the district of Zhari.

Newly minted Taliban shadow governor in Afghan north captured

The unnamed commander spent only two days in the top leadership position in Baghlan; his predecessor was killed just two days before he took command.

Afghan commandos retake eastern district from the Taliban

The district of Barg-e-Matal has been secured just two days after it fell to the Taliban.

Top al Qaeda leader Mustafa Abu Yazid confirmed killed in airstrike in North Waziristan

In a statement released tonight on a jihadist forum, Al Qaeda announced Yazid's death. Yazid, who is also known as Sheikh Saeed al Masri, was al Qaeda's leader in Afghanistan and top financial official.

Senior Taliban commander killed in Kandahar

Haji Amir is a top military commander who recently returned from Pakistan, where he planned the Taliban counteroffensive against Coalition and Afghan forces in Kandahar.

Taliban take control of district in Nuristan

Afghan police abandoned Barg-e-Matal after days of fighting. The Taliban have claimed control of the district center.

Coalition kills Taliban's shadow governor in Afghanistan's Baghlan province

Mullah Rohullah was killed during air and ground strikes in the northern province. Rohullah had been appointed the shadow governor for Baghlan in early May.

Nuristani Taliban commander denies Fazlullah killed

Munibullah.jpgMullah Munibullah, the military commander for Nuristan, said Fazlullah would not be leading Taliban fighters in Nuristan.

Mullah Fazlullah reported killed in Afghanistan

Afghan border police claimed the Swat Taliban commander was killed along with six fighters. The report is unconfirmed.

Pakistani Taliban assault district center in Nuristan

Fighters said to be under the command of Mullah Fazlullah were repelled by Afghan police in the eastern district of Barg-e-Matal, which borders Chitral in Pakistan.

Hakeemullah's pullout from North Waziristan an 'excuse' for Pakistan not to move

The leader of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan agrees to abandon the safe havens in North Waziristan and return to South Waziristan. The pullout is "just the excuse the Pakistanis needed to call off a North Waziristan operation," a US official said.