Afghan Security Forces Order of Battle (OOB)

By CJ Radin


The Afghan National Army's area of operations. Click map to view.

What is an Order of Battle?

An Order of Battle (OOB) is a standard military term for the description of a military organization. It presents which units exist, how are they organized (command structure, subordinate/superior relationships, equipment), and their responsibilities (geographic area, operation capabilities).

What are the Afghan Security Forces?

The intent of this OOB is to present all the security forces that are under the official control of the Afghan government. The OOB includes regular Army, Special Forces, Navy, Air Force, national and local police, and border security units. The OOB does not include militias, insurgent forces, or foreign forces that are not under the official control of Afghan government.

Table of Contents, Afghan Security Forces Order of Battle as of April 15, 2011:


Structure of the Afghan National Army Special Forces Command (ANASOC). Click image to view.

Preface: Forming the Afghan Security Forces Security Forces Order of Battle [PDF]
• Methods
• Sources

Page 1: Afghan Security Forces Order of Battle (OOB) Index Page [PDF]

Page 2: Definitions [PDF]

Page 3: Afghanistan National Security Force (ANSF) [PDF]

Page 4: Afghanistan National Army (ANA) [PDF]

Page 5: Afghanistan National Army Air Corps (ANAAC) [PDF]

Page 6: Afghanistan National Police (ANP) [PDF]

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