Video: Pakistani Taliban execute 15 Frontier Constabulary personnel

Warning: The video of the Pakistani Taliban executing the 15 Frontier Constabulary personnel who were captured late last year is extremely graphic.

An unedited segment of the video showing the Pakistani Taliban executing 15 Frontier Constabulary personnel who were captured in the district of Tank at the end of December has emerged on the Internet.

The video, which was published on the LiveLeak video-sharing website, shows the 15 paramilitary men blindfolded and lined up along a hillside; some are handcuffed together. Taliban fighters then take turns gunning down the Pakistani troops, one at a time, with AK-47 assault rifles.

The graphic video shows the slain Pakistani security personnel falling to the ground as those still living remain standing. The Taliban are heard chanting, "We will cross all limits to avenge your blood."

The 15 Pakistani personnel were captured on Dec. 22, 2011 during a Taliban assault on a fort in the settled district of Tank, which borders South Waziristan. One soldier was killed during the assault. The next day, seven Frontier Corps troopers were killed in a suicide attack in the settled district of Bannu [see LWJ report, Taliban suicide bomber kills 7 Pakistani troops].

Ihsanullah Ihsan, a Taliban spokesman, said the Dec. 22 and 23 attacks were carried out to avenge the death of Taj Gul Mehsud, a senior deputy to Hakeemullah Mehsud, the emir of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan. Taj Gul was killed along with 12 other fighters in a US airstrike in South Waziristan on Oct. 26 [see LWJ report, Taliban avenge death of commander killed in October drone strike].

The execution video does not show the statement made by the Taliban leader, who described why the Pakistani troops were being slaughtered. Reuters provided a translation of that portion of the video.

"Twelve of our comrades were besieged and mercilessly martyred in the Khyber [tribal] agency (area)," the commander said. "Our pious women were also targeted. To avenge those comrades, we will kill these men. We warn the government of Pakistan that if the killing of our friends is not halted, this will be the fate of you all."

One of the Frontier Constabulary personnel described the Taliban raid that resulted in their capture.

"They attacked us with rockets, killed a sentry. One ran away. The Taliban entered the fort and captured us with our weapons," he said. "They tied our hands, put us in a Datsun and took us away."

The Taliban have released similar videos of the executions of captured Pakistani security personnel in the past. In July 2011, a video emerged of the brutal execution of 16 Pakistani policemen who were captured in Dir. [See LWJ report, Video of brutal Taliban execution of Pakistani policemen emerges.]


READER COMMENTS: "Video: Pakistani Taliban execute 15 Frontier Constabulary personnel "

Posted by tweake at February 1, 2012 2:26 PM ET:


Posted by Bengal Voice at February 1, 2012 2:36 PM ET:

Where is allah when you need him?

Posted by Eddie D. at February 1, 2012 2:55 PM ET:

The murdering scum will be dealt a much worse fate than these men. Many of the scum have already been dealt a fate far worse than these men have. Their allah won't be able to help them.

Posted by mike merlo at February 1, 2012 3:15 PM ET:

Incredibly disturbing. I don't know when but the time will come when the people of Pakistan & elements in the military will 'move' against this 'apparatus' propped up & organized by the misanthropes that rule Pakistan.

Posted by donowen at February 1, 2012 3:33 PM ET:

Bill, thank you for putting the unedited version on. This film needs to be seen by all Pakistani military enlisted men. There is no point allowing your self to be captured nor stand by like sheep to be murdered- fight to the death if you face these guys. I also hope someone in Pakistan related to those killed sees this and finds out the name of the individual talking in the film.

Posted by MARK at February 1, 2012 5:26 PM ET:

can we do that to them befor thay do it to US

Posted by Devin Leonard at February 1, 2012 6:41 PM ET:

Pretty hard to watch, I have seen alot of horror but this is right up there with some of the worst.

Posted by Last Man at February 1, 2012 7:21 PM ET:

Have to hand it to them, a relatively straight forward execution. Compared to clips of the last bloody massacre of Pakistani rent a cops, bad Taliban methods are more refined.

Posted by Dave at February 1, 2012 8:31 PM ET:

This clip should be run at dinnertime on CNN with a voice over explaining that the Taliban are not our enemy, that we need to negotiate a settlment allowing the Taliban to regain control of Afghanistan, and that the Taliban are honorable men who would never host a terrorist element bent on exporting their hate-based values to the rest of the world.

This would also be a good place to point out that America can't be the policeman to the rest of the world, and that these Taliban are in no way comparable to the Nazi executioners of WWII.

Posted by gerry at February 1, 2012 10:19 PM ET:

They will suffer little for what they did and more than likely be held up as heroes of the cause. What makes anyone in the west think this is inhuman, when it is a way of life in the tribal territories ?

Posted by john at February 1, 2012 10:20 PM ET:

Interesting to see that the militant at the end is speaking Urdu, not Pashto

One of the Punjabi Taliban outfits perhaps?

Posted by Arvadadan at February 1, 2012 11:20 PM ET:

There are people that think they can negotiate with the Taliban. Must be something in the water.

Posted by kit at February 2, 2012 12:48 AM ET:

Most Paks are more upset with the Doctor that aided the US to kill Bid Laden than this horrific act.

Posted by Dave Again at February 2, 2012 12:54 AM ET:

This video shows 13 individuals participating in murder. The first killer, the chubby boy with a pressed grey suit, leather jacket, soft hands, and the big mouth, isn't a peasant farmer and not a ground troop.

LWJ reported on Jan 5 that the 15 bodies were dumped near the town of Shiwa in the Miramshaw area (big surprise, not). Chubby boy lives in Miramshaw. He should be easily identifiable to any Pakistani government in the area, if they had a government, and should be arrested and tried for murder by the Pakis.

That isn't going to happen. Under these circumstances the US should identify chubby boy with their assets. But instead of gifting him with a Hellfire, he should be extracted by US special ops and delivered for trial before the World Court in the Hague for crimes against humanity. Together with the vidio evidence and admission.

But that isn't going to happen either. Instead, in today's news, Leon Panetta is going to announce that the US will quit fighting in Afghanistan by 2013, and quit the country entirely by 2014. Time magazine will note that "this timeline fits neatly into Barack Obama's political calendar."

Our unit crest said "Proud Americans." I'm still proud of the guys I served with. But is this an America that I can be proud of?

Posted by at February 2, 2012 7:22 AM ET:

What a barbaric >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Posted by Browns44 at February 2, 2012 9:02 AM ET:

And our Commander and Chief wants to play kissy face with these pigs?

Posted by tac73 at February 2, 2012 1:39 PM ET:

Will the taliban ever feel the true resolve of our country? Time for NW pakistan to feel it. They need to be destroyed in vast regions. All of them. Inculding the women breeding them. The area is a loss. most Old tribal leaders have already been killed the past eight years. All good is gone there. Im over it with how much we have to spend (lives especially) on this whack a mole strategy. Declare War on that region of pakistan and use our inventory. Pakistan, Iran and Yemen is a perfect storm merging as we speak. God bless all those who are fighting this evil.

Posted by indus at February 2, 2012 3:26 PM ET:

Taliban (or for that matter Al Qaeda and most fanatic muslims) carry out barbaric acts against our troops, people, and now Pakis. Given that they are at war with most anyone who is not of their tribe, how is it that their acts are not termed war crimes. I have never heard ICJ in Hague, which has jurisdiction in such cases, declare Mullah Omar or the crazy Egyptian incharge of Al Qaeda a war criminal. And why isn't Pakistan declared a corroborator for sheltering these war criminals.

Posted by Warhawk at February 3, 2012 10:17 PM ET:

This is WAR as RAW as it gets. If only the US Military fight as brutal and merciless as these Taliban and Al-Qaeda, the Afghanistan and Iraq wars would have been VICTORIOUS way back in 2003. US Soldiers would love to be able to execute captured Taliban/Iraqis like this, but the brass and the politicians all want to drag both wars out as long as possible to feed the Military Industrial Complex.

Posted by HJM at February 4, 2012 9:38 AM ET:

Barbaric and this is a prime example of why it baffles me the Pakistani Government doesn't get completely on board with us. They leave their own people out there to be executed instead of giving them 100% support and supplies. How can that government continue to watch and play both sides of the fence? They have no morals.

Posted by Witch Doctor at February 5, 2012 2:44 PM ET:

@warhawk, you are correct sir. We could have saved tons of lives and money, not just our own but those of the locals as well if we had been allowed to do our job. And we were not. This is going to be a long war and we may move troops around to make it look like they are getting out, but I just was handed combat orders for another adventure in these lands. We are not going anywhere. Perhaps I should call my money guy and make an investment in this mess. I would rather get some dividends rather than another Purple Heart or three.

Let's kick ass or go home and suffer the fate of not seeing this thing through.

P.S. Bombing all of the FATA is a great idea, eliminate the breeders and harborers of terrorists from a B2.

Posted by Ralph at February 7, 2012 7:42 AM ET:

Brutal very brutal.

Please step back folks - these same groups have been supported by the USA against Russia in Afghan. When the Russians withdrew they stated explicitly to the USA about the dangers of supporting these types and what the eventual outcome would be.
What was it that Einstein said - Doing the same thing three times with the same outcome is a sign of insanity.

So perhaps we should be a bit more honest when analyzing these types of events. Sup with the devil always ends in tragedy, always!

Posted by bad credit loans at February 8, 2012 7:14 AM ET:

Under these circumstances the US should identify chubby boy with their assets. But instead of gifting him with a Hellfire, he should be extracted by US special ops and delivered for trial before the World Court in the Hague for crimes against humanity. Together with the vidio evidence and admission
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Posted by bad credit loans at February 8, 2012 7:17 AM ET:

When the Russians withdrew they stated explicitly to the USA about the dangers of supporting these types and what the eventual outcome would be.
What was it that Einstein said - Doing the same thing three times with the same outcome is a sign of insanity.
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