December 2007 Archives

December 31, 2007:

The State of Jihad: 2007

December 30, 2007:

Al Qaeda establishes "a haven in Diyala"

December 29, 2007:

Taliban dismisses senior Afghan commander [Updated]

A closer look at slain al Qaeda in Iraq leader Abu Abdullah

December 28, 2007:

Pakistan implicates Baitullah Mehsud in Bhutto assassination

Making sense of the European Union-Afghan political row

December 27, 2007:

Report: Islamic State of Iraq defense minister captured

Iraq: 11 Special Groups operatives killed in Al Kut

Al Qaeda takes credit for Bhutto assassination

Pakistan: Benazir Bhutto assassinated

December 26, 2007:

Senior al Qaeda leader killed in November raid

December 25, 2007:

Al Qaeda continues attacks on Awakening security forces

December 23, 2007:

Taliban suicide bombing in Swat kills nine soldiers

December 21, 2007:

Pakistan: Over 50 Killed in Charsadda suicide attack

Iraqi Security Forces continue to surge

December 19, 2007:

Iranian Qods Force still active in Iraq

December 18, 2007:

Northwestern Afghanistan: Badghis province seeks security, revitalization

December 17, 2007:

Iraq by the numbers: Graphing the decrease in violence

The Awakening, al Qaeda clash in Iraq

December 16, 2007:

Basrah: Missing the Iraqi Security Force Deployment

December 15, 2007:

Al Qaeda commander Rashid Rauf escapes Pakistani custody

Pakistani Taliban unites under Baitullah Mehsud

December 14, 2007:

Siraj Haqqani's deputy killed in Afghanistan

December 12, 2007:

Coordinated car bombings in Amarah kill 41

Mapping Iraq's Concerned Local Citizens programs

December 11, 2007:

Al Qaeda, Taliban targeting Pakistani nuclear sites

Al Qaeda hits UN offices, courts, police station in Algiers

December 10, 2007:

Suicide attack at Pakistani nuclear weapons complex

The Taliban turn tail in Musa Qala

December 9, 2007:

The Battle of Musa Qala

The Latest GAO Report and a Reality Check

December 8, 2007:

Al Qaeda in Iraq executes bombing offensive

Saddam henchman escapes raid by Iraqi forces

December 7, 2007:

Special Groups weapons trainers in the crosshairs

December 6, 2007:

The Pakistani Army's slow advance in Swat

Iraqi Security Forces Order of Battle: December 2007 Update

December 5, 2007:

Iran's Ramazan Corps and the ratlines into Iraq

December 4, 2007:

Senior Syrian al Qaeda leader confirmed killed

December 3, 2007:

Operation Iron Reaper launched in the Iraqi north

A chronology of the Musa Qala dilemma

December 2, 2007:

Pakistani Army advances in Swat


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