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Iran says its first atom plant to start in mid-2008


Coalition forces killed six al Qaeda operative and detained 14 during operations in central and northern Iraq. Iraqi security forces arrested 40 insurgents and defused 32 IEDs in Baghdad. US troops arrested an al Qaeda leader near Kirkuk. The Salahadin Awakening Council on Sunday called on Osma bin Laden to order his followers to stop […]


Pakistan: US Special Forces On Standby Over Nuclear Threat

Al Qaeda establishes “a haven in Diyala”

The Miqdadiyah region in eastern Diyala province has emerged as al Qaeda in Iraq’s base of operation in the country. US and Iraqi forces have conducted operations in the region, but Diyala remains violent.


Benazir Bhutto’s son and husband have been designated to succeed her in the PPP; the PPP will not boycott the election. Elections may be delayed until early March. Two suicide bombers attacked the home of Ijazul Haq, a senior leader of the PML-Q and former minister for religious affairs in eastern Pakistan. Sectarian fighting in […]


Mullah Omar relieved Mullah Mansoor Dadullah of his command; Dadullah rejected the claim, but a Taliban spokesman stated Omar will release an audio to confirm. Coalition forces captured nine Taliban and killed “several” in Zabul province. Ten Afghans were killed in Taliab ambushes in Helmand and Wardak province. A Canadian soldier was killed in an […]


Suicide attackers strike as Benazir’s party prepares for talks.