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Report Gives ‘Measure of Assurance’ on Pakistan’s Nuclear Weapons


Muslim insurgents bombed two discotheques in the southern province of Narathiwat. Thirty-one were injured as the blasts occurred both inside the discos and outside as the clubs emptied. Three policemen and two civilians were wounded in a bombing outside a food store in Yala.


Coalition forces captured the Special Groups recruiter for Karbala Province and 21 al Qaeda operatives during operations in central and northern Iraq. The Iraqi Army arrested 40 al Qaeda fighters, including a Saudi national, in northern Babil and another six in Haditha. Police captured an al Qaeda leader and two aides in Baqubah. A suicide […]


The Taliban killed 27 Afghan police and soldiers in attacks in southern and eastern Afghanistan. Sixteen police were killed in an attack on a police outpost in Kandahar; one was killed were in a bombing in Paktia, four were killed in a bombing in Uruzgan, and two were killed in Musa Qala in Helmand.


US Predators targeted Egyptian Islamist scholar Sheikh Essa in North Waziristan after Bhutto’s assassination. Twenty were killed in the latest round of sectarian fighting in Kurram. The Pakistani military has deployed troops in Sindh and Quetta. The Taliban mortared a police checkpoint in Mardan.


Iraqi Sunni leaders hit back at ‘weak’ bin Laden

The State of Jihad: 2007

A year-end roundup of the major developments in the Long War in the primary and secondary theaters across the globe.