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Shabaab ambushes AMISOM forces in southern Somalia

The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) says that 12 Ugandan soldiers were killed in an ambush by Shabaab yesterday. The al Qaeda branch claims the casualties were much higher and a local official told the press that 24 bodies were carried away from the scene.

Shabaab spokesman calls on Kenyan jihadists to form an ‘army’

In a newly released video, Shabaab spokesman Sheikh Ali Mahmoud Rage addresses graduates of a training camp for foreign fighters. “Many” of the graduates are from Kenya and, Rage says, they should form an “army that will conquer Kenya so that we may return to our families and relatives in a state of honor and glory.”


Police have arrested 19 suspected Shabaab members, said to be foreigners, who were planning imminent attacks in Kampala and other towns. The suspects were seized during raids over the past two days that also netted quantities of explosives. Although the operation is ongoing, authorities said the recent US Embassy warning of an imminent attack “has […]