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Hay’at Tahrir al Sham leader calls for ‘unity’ in Syrian insurgency

Abu Jaber has released his first speech as the general commander of the newly formed Ha’yat Tahrir al Sham (“Assembly for the Liberation of Syria”). He calls on other factions to join his group, promises to wage jihad on Bashar al Assad’s regime until the end and claims that losing the war would be catastrophic for Syria’s Sunnis.


China urges central Asian neighbors to step up extremism fight


A court sentenced six Islamist terrorists to prison terms ranging from six to 10 years for planning to bomb the Opera and Ballet Theater in the capital city, Astana, and to send funds to the North Caucasus insurgency. Serik Koshalaqov, the leader of the group, was also convicted along with five associates of other offenses, […]


An 18-year-old woman was sentenced to seven years in prison for preparing to use her 12-year-old stepson as a suicide bomber in an attack inside the National Security Building. The woman’s husband was killed last year during an operation by counterterrorism forces.


Trial began in Atyru for eight local men arrested on terrorism charges between December and January. Security forces have targeted Islamic terrorists in operations in Atyru and other towns in western Kazakhstan in recent months.


The Foreign Ministry said Kazakhstan “strongly condemns any form of terrorism” and that it is cooperating with the US investigation into the role of two Kazakh citizens, Azamat Tazhayakov and Dias Kadyrbayev, in the Boston Marathon bombing case. The two students, who face US charges of obstruction of justice for hiding evidence after the bombing, […]


Dragnet Shuts Boston; One Suspect Is Slain but Second Man Is on Loose


Kavkaz Center, a propaganda arm of the Islamic Caucasus Emirates, said that Agzhan Hasen and four other “Kazakh Mujahideen” were killed during a clash in southern Kazakhstan last weekend that also killed two policemen. Hasen was described as the group’s “emir.”