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Analysis: US seeks extradition of Bin Laden loyalist imprisoned in France

The US is seeking the extradition of Christian Ganczarski from France, where he has been imprisoned since 2003. A French court convicted Ganczarski on terror-related charges for his role in the Apr. 11, 2002 suicide bombing at a synagogue in Djerba, Tunisia. The bomber called Ganczarski beforehand to receive his “blessing.” A newly-released indictment focuses on Ganczarski’s other ties to al Qaeda, including a plot targeting American interests in Australia.

Philippines-based jihadist groups pledge allegiance to the Islamic State

While jihadist groups in the Philippines were thought to have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State since late 2014, a video released last month by Islamic State supporters in the country confirmed these speculations. In a video released a few days ago by an Islamic State media outlet, the jihadist group officially recognized the pledges.

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Malaysia Airline MH370: 9/11-style terror allegations resurface in case of lost plane

Jihadists seek to open new front in Burma

Burmese-Mujahideen.jpg“A brigade of Mujahedeen from Burma, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan” purportedly have launched operations in Burma. Photographs of scores of armed jihadists in military uniforms have appeared on a jihadist website.

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Indonesia: Bali bomber’s life-term dodge ‘fault of bungling prosecutors’