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IDF shifts focus from Gaza to Lebanon, West Bank

The Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Herzi HaLevi discussed the likelihood for escalation in northern Israel amid continued Hezbollah attacks. As Israel’s 36th division is ending its deployment in Gaza, two airstrikes targeted terrorist cells in the West Bank.

IDF vows transparency as Israel defends itself at ICJ

The Israel Defense Forces operated in Khan Yunis in southern Gaza and in central Gaza to target Hamas terrorists. Israel estimates that Hamas used 6,000 tons of concrete to build hundreds of miles of tunnels underneath Gaza. Meanwhile at the Hague, Israel defended itself against charges of genocide brought against it by South Africa.

IDF bolsters security for civilians returning to border communities

The Israel Defense Forces and Ministry of Defense distributed rifles to local security teams in an effort to bolster security for concerned civilians in northern and southern border-straddling communities. Meanwhile, the IDF carried out strikes on Hezbollah and continued to uproot terrorist infrastructure in Gaza.

IDF tank brigade expands operations in Khan Yunis

The IDF expanded some operations in Khan Yunis on January 8, using the 7th armored brigade to support paratroopers and commandos who are identifying terrorist targets. The IDF continues to find terrorist infrastructure in Khan Yunis and other parts of Gaza, and Israel’s Defense Minister vowed that fighting will continue against Hamas.

Uprooting terror infrastructure in Gaza shaping to be long, complex process

Israel dismantles terrorist infrastructure in Gaza as the intensity of the war against Hamas shifts into a new phase. Tunnels were discovered under a Gaza hotel near the beach, and the IDF revealed they had dismantled a tunnel found in November under Shifa hospital. IDF reserve unit commanders also met at IDF Southern Command to discuss lessons learned in three months of fighting in Gaza.

Israel focuses on security in north amid Hezbollah threats

Israel Defense Minister Yoav Gallant said Israel is determined to return Israeli civilians to communities near Israel’s northern border with Lebanon and that the window for diplomatic solutions for reducing the Hezbollah threat is closing. The IDF also carried out a multi-day raid near Tukaram in the West Bank and eliminated a Palestinian Islamic Jihad operative.

Israel prepares for escalation as fighting continues in Gaza

The IDF says it is in a high state of readiness in the wake of the killing of Hamas deputy leader Saleh al-Arouri in Lebanon on January 2. Israel did not take responsibility for the killing, but pro-Iranian groups like Hezbollah have blamed Israel. Meanwhile, Red Sea tensions increased with the Houthis continuing to target commercial ships.

Hamas headquarters in northern Gaza destroyed, IDF strikes Hezbollah

Israel revealed details about a Hamas headquarters that was uncovered and destroyed in northern Gaza. The extensive tunnel system linked several houses and the tunnels included electricity and sewage systems. In southern Gaza, the IDF continued to expand operations. Hezbollah attacks targeted numerous communities in northern Israel, and the Israeli air force carried out retaliatory airstrikes against Hezbollah.

Hezbollah targets Israeli aircraft with missiles

IDF Chief of Staff meets with Israeli reservists on northern border as Hezbollah threats continue. Hezbollah used drones to attempt attacks on Israel on December 19. The IDF found a rocket launcher in Gaza and Israel provided updates on how it had defeated Hamas air defenses.

Israel uses new defense technology on Gaza battlefield

Israel is using special forces to target Hamas tunnels in Gaza. In northern Israel, air defenses downed a drone from Hezbollah. In Gaza, the IDF said they targeted a Hamas financier and are also investigating Hamas’ use of the Kamal Adwan hospital. In addition, new technology is shaping the battlefield in Gaza, including precision sights used on rifles that can help down drone threats.

Generation Jihad Ep. 127 — Israel at War: December 18, 2023

Bill and Joe discuss the latest issues emanating from Israel’s defensive war in Gaza, including the tragic death of the three Israeli hostages mistakenly shot by IDF soldiers, the massive labyrinth of tunnels continuing to be discovered by the IDF and controversy surrounding the decision to flood them, and use by Hamas of suicide bombers — Joe explains why one case is different.

Israel faces Hezbollah threat as US Secretary of Defense arrives

Hezbollah attacks against Israel increased, including one on December 16 in which an IDF soldier was killed. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin arrived in Israel on December 18 for meetings with Israeli leaders as the IDF continued operations in northern and southern Gaza. The Iranian-backed Houthis targeted more ships in the Red Sea while shipping companies have begun to pause shipping through the strategic waterway.

Israel prepares for potential escalation in north

The IDF trains reservists in northern Israel for possible escalation with Hezbollah. In Gaza, the IDF recovered the bodies of several hostages. In addition, the IDF carried out airstrikes near the Egyptian border, and IDF troops used a new loitering munition in Gaza.

Israel hosts US National Security Advisor to discuss Gaza objectives

On December 14, Israel hosted US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan to discuss the objectives of the war. Meanwhile in Gaza, the IDF confronted Hamas in tunnels, and seventy terrorists surrendered at a hospital. The IDF also revealed that one in five rockets fired at Israel from Lebanon since October 7 have fallen in Lebanon.

Israel solidifies gains in Gaza, threats grow in north 

The IDF has apprehended more than 500 terrorists in Gaza since the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7. Israel officials also estimate 7,000 terrorists have been killed in Gaza since the war began. The IDF continued to fight Hamas in Shujaiya, Jabalya and Khan Yunis. In northern Israel, Israel is seeking to strengthen security along the border as Hezbollah attacks continued over the weekend.

Hezbollah escalates as rockets target Tel Aviv

IDF forces fought In Khan Yunis, Dier al-Balah and Shujaiaya and uncovered terrorist infrastructure in Rimal and Shati in northern Gaza. Elite counter-terror forces bolstered IDF units in Shujaiaya, while a hostage rescue operation resulted in injured IDF soldiers. Hezbollah escalated attacks in the north and tensions rose at the Syrian border on December 7 and December 8.

IDF expands operations into southern Gaza

Israeli forces expanded operations into Khan Yunis in southern Gaza on Tuesday, December 5. IDF Southern Command head Maj. General Yaron Finkelman called December 5 the most intense day of fighting since the beginning of the ground operation. The IDF is also focusing on defeating remaining Hamas units in Jabalya and Shujaiya, adjacent to Gaza City. Israel has detained over 1,200 Hamas operatives in the West Bank since October 7, IDF Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi said.

Generation Jihad Ep. 121 — Israel at War: December 1, 2023

Bill and Joe are back with an update on Israel’s now-resumed war in Gaza, and they’re joined by FDD Senior Fellow and Hezbollah expert David Daoud. They discuss the latest activity from Hezbollah at Israel’s border with Lebanon, U.S. funding to the Lebanese Armed Forces (or as Bill calls it: “giving crack to a crackhead”), the pieces in play on the Islamic Republic of Iran’s regional chessboard, and more.

Hamas renews rocket fire, Israel responds as pause in fighting ends 

Hamas renewed rocket fire on Israel just before 06:00 local time on Friday, December 1, ending a pause in fighting that had held for one week. The Israel Defense Forces said the Iron Dome air defense system had been activated to intercept rockets launched from the Gaza Strip, and Israel responded with airstrikes on Gaza soon after the rocket launch began.