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Shabaab spokesman calls on Kenyan jihadists to form an ‘army’

In a newly released video, Shabaab spokesman Sheikh Ali Mahmoud Rage addresses graduates of a training camp for foreign fighters. “Many” of the graduates are from Kenya and, Rage says, they should form an “army that will conquer Kenya so that we may return to our families and relatives in a state of honor and glory.”

Shabaab assaults African Union base

More than 50 troops from Burundi are reported to have been killed. The attack comes just one week after Shabaab killed at least 60 Ethiopian troops in another attack in southern Somalia.


At least 100 dead in Burundi attack by rebel group – military source

African Union

Mogadishu dares to dream of a new future as militants are driven from Somali capital


Africa Forces Surprise Many With Success in Subduing Somalia