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Treasury sanctions al Qaeda, Islamic State ‘financiers and facilitators’

The US Treasury Department has designated 5 members of al Qaeda’s international “facilitation and fundraising” network, as well as one of the Islamic State’s “critical facilitators” in North Africa. One of the newly designated jihadists, known as Abu Sulayman al Muhajir, was as an extremist preacher in Australia before relocating to Syria and joining Al Nusrah Front.

Islamic State ‘province’ bombs hotel in the Sinai

The Islamic State’s Sinai “province” claimed responsibility for a bombing at a hotel in the Sinai earlier today. The group continues to run a prolific insurgency and has proven it is capable of committing mass casualty terrorist attacks against civilians as well.

Al Qaeda branches eulogize slain Egyptian jihadist

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula and Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb have issued eulogies for Hammam Attiyah, who led Ajnad Misr until his death earlier this month. Little is known about Attiyah, but the eulogies are a significant indication that Ajnad Misr operates as part of al Qaeda’s international network.


IS threat led to closure of Western embassies in Egypt

Sinai jihadists take credit for killing American

Wilayat Sinai (formerly known as Ansar Bayt al Maqdis) has taken credit for killing an American in August. The statement was released on Twitter with an accompanying picture of the American’s identification cards.

Ansar Jerusalem beheads 4 Egyptians accused of being Israeli ‘spies’

A little more than one week after the Islamic State released a video featuring the beheading of an American photojournalist, Ansar Jerusalem has released a video online showing four Egyptian civilians being executed in the same manner. The video marks an escalation in the tactics Ansar Jerusalem is willing to broadcast in its propaganda.

2 suicide bombers strike in South Sinai

If Ansar Jerusalem takes credit for today’s suicide attacks, it would be the group’s first claimed attack since bombing a tourist bus in Taba in mid-February. In addition, the two bombings would be the fifth and sixth suicide attacks by the jihadist group since September 2013.