CENTCOM releases some Yemen strike information, but gaps remain

In its first public update since early February, the US military has provided monthly totals and some details on American efforts to disrupt terrorist groups in Yemen. The United States has conducted 27 counterterrorism strikes in Yemen in 2018, but has only offered complete information on two. One of the attacks hit an AQAP training camp in Hadramout.

In addition to previously acknowledged strikes in Jan. 2018, the United States conducted:

– Feb. 2018: 6 strikes against AQAP
– Mar. 2018: 7 strikes against AQAP
– Apr. 2018: 4 strikes against AQAP

In a positive step for transparency, CENTCOM released the locations of three routine assaults against AQAP’s Yemen network. On Apr. 11, US forces targeted an AQAP training camp in Yemen’s eastern Hadramout governorate. On Apr. 23, a strike targeted an AQAP checkpoint that was established “for asserting regional control and raising illegal revenue” in south-central Bayda governorate. CENTCOM also acknowledged a Mar. 29 attack in Bayda due to reports of civilian casualties, but did not provide details on the target. In 2017, CENTCOM only released the location of AQAP strikes when a major leader was targeted.

CENTCOM also revealed a larger geographic distribution of offensives. According to the press release, assaults occurred in al Bayda, Hadramout, Zamakh and Shabwah governorates. [Note: Zamakh is not a recognized governorate. It is a district within Hadramawt governorate.] In 2017, CENTCOM publicly acknowledged strikes in Bayda and Marib, neighboring south-central governorates. AQAP’s reach eastward into Hadramout and Shabwah is concerning and reflects the resilience of the group, even after a large-scale Emirati operation to clear the east.

The presence of an AQAP training camp in Hadramout is also a worrying development. Despite an intensified drone campaign against AQAP and its rival, the Islamic State, the two jihadist groups have been able to establish and run camps in the war-torn country. Most recently, the US targeted two Islamic State training centers in Bayda governorate in Oct. 2017. More than 50 Islamic State fighters are said to have been killed.

The US has targeted AQAP training camps several times over the past four years including twice in Mar. 2014, Apr. 2014, and again in Mar. 2016. In its propaganda, AQAP claimed it operates training camps in Yemen. In mid-July 2016, AQAP touted its Hamza al Zinjibari Camp, where the group trains its “special forces.”

The press release also acknowledged the importance of Yemen to al Qaeda’s global ambitions, describing it as “one of the terrorist groups most committed to and capable of conducting attacks in the United States.” In 2018, a senior AQAP leader called for attacks against Americans everywhere. Also this year, Osama bin Laden’s son encouraged would-be jihadists to join AQAP.

Although the release of these details is an improvement, much more is required for adequate transparency. CENTCOM has not yet released the location, target, or even the exact dates of 24 of the 27 strikes conducted in 2018.

Bill Roggio is a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and the Editor of FDD's Long War Journal. Alexandra Gutowski is a military affairs analyst at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

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  • tuffsnotenuff says:

    One thing, the public may be reassured by this that DoD is hitting AQAP and not the tribes in western Yemen.

    That’s another part of the world where we’re on the wrong side. At least for national interests instead of what generates very large bribes.

  • Dennis says:

    If things weren’t done so piecemeal , I don’t mind if they bomb all day and night, just get the job done. Pick up the pieces and point fingers later. This is why wars go on forever anymore, nobody (country) knows how to fight AND FINISH a war anymore. Maybe we need more “filler” in our military, pregnant women, tranys, all those who collect checks with no intention of ever going near combat. That will surely keep potential enemies at bay. Bomb it all to hell before we spend our son’s lives on sand.


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