Islamic State launches mobile app for children


Home page of the application

The Islamic State’s “Library of Zeal” has released an application for teaching the Arabic alphabet to children on Android devices. The vocabulary taught within the application includes jihadist themes. The application was released through Islamic State Telegram channels and on other file sharing websites.

The app has games for memorizing and how to write the Arabic letters in addition to including a nasheed (a cappella Islamic songs) designed to help teach the alphabet. The lyrics in the nasheed are littered with jihadist terminology, while other games within the app also include militaristic vocabulary with more common, basic words. Words like “tank,” “gun,” and “rocket” are among the first few taught within the application.

The alphabet app is not the Islamic State’s first mobile application, however it is the first to be directed exclusively to children. The jihadist group has also produced several videos from many of its proclaimed provinces showing children being trained for jihad or being indoctrinated at Islamic State-ran schools. Other videos have shown children being involved in beheadings and executions of prisoners held by the Islamic State.

Screenshots from the Islamic State’s “Alphabet” Android application:

Nasheed of the alphabet by the Islamic State’s Al Bayan Radio:


Bundqiya (Gun):


Dababa (Tank):


Dhakheera (Ammunition):


Talaqa (Bullet):


Saarukh (Rocket):


Madfa’ (Cannon):


Sayf (Sword):


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  • Dennis says:

    Despite the obvious,..that I will state anyway. If this had been something that the u.s. did, people all over the middle east would be pissing themselves crazy! !! But yet, who has spoken out, ? We vaccinate their children for all kinds of diseases, yet they say we’re trying to “sterilize” them. But they teach their kids how to use ak’ s and how to kill westerners without guilt. God forbid “we” did anything at that level. Why is there such a disparity between cultures? Why do we hold life sacred, but the world looks at their depravity as something we created? Their countries would still be a bunch of goat and camel jockies if it weren’t for western investment. But we’re the bad guys because we dragged them kicking and screaming into the twentieth century. Let alone close to the twentieth first.

  • Khalid says:

    Sick people

  • King says:

    I’m Muslim myself and these things are getting out of hand. We don’t believe in violence, but I am against ISIS and never will stand beside them. They have destroyed our religion and have caused so much devastation to so many people. And this is what they have now. An app that will teach our kids these things. We already dealing with a society that advertising violence in the media such different music, games, social media, and etc. And now this. Smh! We are definitely going on a downfall.

  • Big Copper says:

    Tweet this, text it and e-mail it…let everyone know how twisted these ‘people’ are!


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