Chechen group says it took ‘spoils’ from Russian forces in Syria

Spoils from Russians

Hamza Shishani (center) is pictured with an alleged Russian bulletproof vest.

Ajnad Kavkaz, or Soldiers of the Caucasus, has released a short video claiming to show gear its fighters captured from Russian forces in Syria’s coastal Latakia province. The group is predominately comprised of Chechens and other jihadists from the North Caucasus.

The video, which was translated by the SITE Intelligence Group, shows Hamza Shishani, Ajnad Kavkaz’s military emir, speaking to the camera. A militant to his right holds an alleged Russian bulletproof vest. “We were on the plains [likely referring to the Al Ghab plain near Latakia], when we found out that here in Latakia there was an operation,” Shishani says. “We arrived after we found out that Russians were attacking here and captured a hill. Praise be to Allah, the hill was taken back.”

Shishani also claims that the Russians retreated from the fighting, leaving behind weapons and gear. “Having thrown away their bulletproof vest and machine gun here,” Shishani says, “the Russians ran away.”

The image below shows Shishani holding the machine gun purportedly left behind by Russian forces:

Spoils 2

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  • irebukeu says:

    Hilarious. To think this could be a video jihadis would even post. What a victory over Russian Equipment they have declared. Ha Ha. This doesn’t look good short term for the jihadis but long term it is up in the air.
    I’m just glad that the Russians are fighting.

  • Dennis says:

    HMmmm,..leaving crap behind …that speaks volumns. . I believe. Well…let’s see how it plays out. Nothing turns your stomach like having to battle your own equipment left behind by cowards. ..
    Maybe things can change course by men who recognize an opportunity at an instance in time, ..and act properly… maybe.

  • mr.bao says:

    I’m just glad that the Russians are fighting.

  • M says:

    Who’s to say that the equipment left behind isn’t bugged for tracking and killing purposes!

  • KDKMEISTER says:

    Read into US SOG operations of the Vietnam War. Supply drops and left behind supplies were rigged to explode when opened or used, be defective, etc. I do not doubt the Russ to do similar.

  • eugenio58 says:

    Russians should Not be left alone. Americans are lost in their interior political problems and europeans don’t know what to do.


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