Izzat Ibrahim al Douri emerges in new audiotape


Izzat Ibrahim al Douri, Saddam Hussein’s former deputy and wanted Iraqi insurgent leader, has released a speech. In the audio, the Baathist leader comments on several recent events, refuting reports that he had been killed last month. The speech was released on Al Tagheer, a Baathist channel.

According to The Guardian, Al Douri commented on the deployment of Shiite militias in Nukhayb: “Nukhayb represents a strategic position for Iran inside Iraq, and one of the aims of occupying Nukhayb is to open a front against Saudi Arabia.” The deployment of these militias happened after he was reported killed on Apr. 17.

“What is going on in our country is a direct and comprehensive Persian occupation,” Al Douri continued. “Everyone has been placed under the Iranian iron tent, and after today, no one is able to stand or express his or her opinion and belief.”

He went on to discuss his support for the arming of Iraq’s Sunni tribesmen, which he claims will not lead to a divisive Iraq. Al Douri also spoke highly of Saudi King Salman and the Saudi-led military intervention in Yemen against the Shiite Houthi rebels.

Al Douri also commented on the reports that he and his group, the Baathist Army of the Men of the Naqshbandi Order (JRTN), were still allied to the Islamic State. “We do cross paths … but what stops us from meeting is that even if we wanted to, they would not accept because they consider the Baath infidels,” according to a translation from The Guardian. He also claimed that at least a third of the Baathist leaders are being held by the Islamic State.

Last month, al Douri was said to have been killed by Iraqi Security Forces and Shiite militiamen in the Badr Organization. CNN reported that, based on Shia militia commander Hadi al Ameri, “Al Douri was killed in an operation by Iraqi security forces and Shia militia members in the Hamrin Mountains between Tikrit and Kirkuk, Iraq.” Hadi al Ameri is the Iranian-backed commander of the Badr Organization.

Al Douri’s alleged corpse was then transferred to the Hezbollah Brigades, another Shia militia supported by Iran, which then gave the body to the Iraqi government in Baghdad. Before it was transferred, at least one Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps commander was photographed with a set of the remains.

The Iraqi government is still conducting DNA tests on the body, but the new audio release seems to prove al Douri is alive despite the claims of several Shiite militias and the Iraqi government.

Oren Adaki provided some of the translations for this article.

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  • Ken North says:

    Guy has more lives than Kashmiri.

    Is there an epic leadership battle shaping up here between Soleimani and al Douri ? Be interesting to know where both of them were during the 1980’s Iran-Iraq war.
    They both have a way of relentlessly recovering from battlefield setbacks.

  • RT says:

    I remember this guy. He is in a pack of playing cards I have. I know he led part of the insurgents against us during the Iraq war and for that reason I would not miss his passing. Though his concerns about Iran I tend to agree.

  • irebukeu says:

    Listen to Izzat Ibrahim al Douri. He sounds like an old man in failing health. Think of him as the Bed-bound Iraqi ‘Col Haftar’ except that where the CIA would play a role, Qatar is filling in. He seems to be attempting to set up a split from ISIS.
    Sunnistan anyone? Sounds like he is taking offers.

    With an election coming up there is not one candidate of either party with the possible exception of Rand Paul, that would accept the “King of spades” as the rally point for any sunni force if this is the direction the arab world goes. Candidates in my party can’t even answer questions about the Iraq war. Just imagine if they ask them about the last uncaptured card in the deck-the “King of Spades”

    This one is in the hands of the Arabs

  • Joesph says:

    President al douri & Ba’ath party, has declared war on Isis last summer when Isis exiled all Christians from Mosul, saddams Ba’ath party is the only Arab country or govt in the world protecting Christians. Also notice in his recording he addresses and denounces the extermination of Iraqi Shiites, we should be arming al douri and saddams Ba’ath party to eliminate Isis and Iran.
    Isis is backed by Israel
    Iran is backed by America
    To Create instability in the Mideast so America can profit from the wars and Israel remain untouched from an Arab country.
    Long live the saddam Ba’ath party long live Palestine


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