Pakistani Taliban promotes ‘Muhajideen Special Group,’ training camp


Members of the Mujahideen Special Group receive instructions on how to manufacture explosives.

The Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan released a lengthy video of fighters from its “Mujahideen Special Group” who are training at a camp in northwestern Pakistan. The Pakistani Taliban, which has advertised the Mujahideen Special Group as its version of special forces, shows the fighters going throw various stages of instruction.

The video, titled “MSG Training,” was released on April 17 by Umar Media, the official propaganda arm of the Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan. The footage was posted on Umar Media’s website as well as emailed to The Long War Journal by the group’s spokesman, Muhammad Khurasani.

The Taliban are shown training members of the Mujahideen Special Group at its “Mehdi Alaih Rizwan Training Center.” The location of the camp was not disclosed but it is situated in a mountainous area in northwestern Pakistan. The camp appears to be well-used.

The jihadist are shown training in the open, with no fear of reprisal by Pakistani forces. At one point, a group of Taliban commanders meets the fighters and sits in the open to supervise their training.

The Mujahideen Special Group fighters are shown going through a variety of instruction, including weapons training; manufacturing explosives and assembling and testing IEDs; assault drills; conducting assassinations using a motorcycles, land navigation, and first aid. The fighters also navigate an obstacle course.

The Movement of the Taliban in Pakistan first publicized the Mehdi Alaih Rizwan Training Center and the Mujahideen Special Group in a statement and a short video released on Nov. 23, 2014. In a posting on Umar Media’s website, the Taliban said that the Mujahideen Special Group “has reached” the tribal agency of Khyber “for fighting.”

The Pakistani Taliban have also referred to the Mujahideen Special Group as its “Special Task Force.”

Both the Mujahideen Special Group and the Special Task Force are frequently mentioned by Muhammad Khurasani in emails claiming attacks and assassinations. Attacks that have been attributed to the “MSG” and “STF” include:

An April 3 attack that killed Bahawal Khan, a deputy superintendent of police, in Dera Ismail Khan.
A March 27 attack that killed Pakistan Army Colonel Tahir in Peshawar.
A March 27 attack on a police vehicle that killed five policemen in the Loralai district in Baluchistan.
A March 26 attack that targeted the “Karachi Special Security Unit” and killed two policemen in Karachi.
A March 18 attack on Frontier Levies personnel in the Chamarkand District in Bajaur.
A March 18 attack that killed Haji Sardar Mohmand, a PML-N politician, in Peshawar.

Images of the Mujahideen Special Group training at the Taliban’s “Mehdi Alaih Rizwan Training Center.”











Bill Roggio is a Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and the Editor of FDD's Long War Journal.


  • mack says:

    find them and kill them!

  • Ahnold Palmah says:

    …Why does the Pakistani Taliban email you information about their training camps?

  • Birbal Dhar says:

    The name of the camp ‘Mehdi Alaih Rizwan’ translates in Arabic as ‘The Chosen one upon him’, in other words, a future leader, which in the hadiths believe that this person would come from Madina and rule the islamic world and will live up to the age of 49. Information of this comes from below:

  • Mark says:

    What has the Pakistani military done since they went into South Wazirastan and then part of North Waziristan?

  • Jim says:

    Based on the image of the unit in formation w/seated Taliban leaders, I wonder if a drone was used to take some the shots? Looks like a 30/35 declination. Or was the image taken from an overlook w/a long lens?

  • Bill Roggio says:

    This was in an extremely mountainous area, I’d guess the latter.

  • mike merlo says:

    as usual the degenerate psychopaths sitting
    cross-legged look high as kites & stoned out of their minds

  • Sayaaf says:

    Common sense dictates if they are flaunting their strength such brazenly, then this camp must’ve been situated in Afghanistan.

  • Umar says:

    If this suicide bomber training camp is really in NW Pakistan, then it must be either in Upper Dattakhel-Shawal area in N. Waziristan or in Upper Tirah, Khyber. It isn’t possible anywhere else. With Fazlullah is Umer Naray, the leader of Tariq Afridi group which mostly operates in Tirah and parts of Peshawar.


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