Monthly Archives: April 2015

Islamic State releases new video from the Baiji oil refinery

The jihadist group shows more fighting that has taken place at the facility. It is unclear when some of the footage was recorded, as some scenes have been previously featured in photo reports. While the Iraqi Security Forces have claimed to have regained control of the refinery after a recent Islamic State offensive, attacks are still occurring at the complex.

Boko Haram rolls with the punches, remains a threat

As coalition forces have pushed Boko Haram from its former strongholds, the terrorist group has retained the ability to strike back. Its relatively new official ties to the Islamic State may enhance the group’s longevity, creating a more difficult security environment for Nigeria and its partners.


The Tripoli-based Islamist faction rejected the UN’s peace proposal that included recognizing the rival internationally-recognized parliament as “the only legislative authority in the country.” The bodies of five Libyan journalists kidnapped eight months ago have been found near the city of Al Bayda, close to the site of their disappearance.


The Defense Ministry announced that the Army killed six armed jihadists belonging to the Katibat Ennour group in the Hendu area 120 km east of the capital. Separately, “ten smugglers and four drug traffickers were arrested” on Apr. 27.