Ansar al Sharia in Libya releases photos of graduates from its ‘mujahideen training camps’

Ansar-al-Sharia-training camp-7

Ansar al Sharia in Libya’s branch in Benghazi released 10 photographs today that show 14 fighters at a training camp located in or near the city. The photographs display the uniformed fighters training with weapons, in hand-to-hand combat, and in a classroom setting. One photo shows what appears to be a leader of the group or a trainer. His identity was not disclosed and his face was digitally distorted.

Each of the photos are captioned as follows:

“This is the latest class of the protectors of the Shariah and the opposers of injustice graduating from the mujahideen training camps to join their brothers in the battlefronts in order to complete the journey of jihad.”

The United Nations Security Council added Ansar al Sharia in Libya to its al Qaeda sanctions list in November 2014. At the time, the UN noted that the Benghazi and Derna factions are “Entities and other groups associated with Al Qaeda.”

For more information on Ansar al Sharia’s links to al Qaeda, see the following LWJ reports:

Photographs of Ansar al Sharia’s camp in Banghazi:

Ansar-al-Sharia-training camp-10

Ansar-al-Sharia-training camp-9

Ansar-al-Sharia-training camp-8

Ansar-al-Sharia-training camp-6

Ansar-al-Sharia-training camp-5

Ansar-al-Sharia-training camp-3

Ansar-al-Sharia-training camp-2

Ansar-al-Sharia-training camp-1

Ansar-al-Sharia-training camp-4

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  • mike merlo says:

    so how many of these people were the beneficiaries of training from US Special Forces & Advisers? The ghosts of Terpil Wilson are alive & well


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