AQAP releases audio message featuring Ibrahim al-Rubaysh

The media wing of al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), al Malahem Media Foundation, released an audio message on Twitter in late January featuring AQAP ideologue Ibrahim al-Rubaysh titled “Allah Will Be Sufficient For You Against Them.” In this most recent eight and a half minute message, Rubaysh addresses the surge in solidarity for the victims of January’s attack on the satirical French Charlie Hebdo magazine, an operation which AQAP has since claimed.

Rubaysh begins his audio message by claiming an infidel’s inherent hostility towards Islam and the Muslim community, an argument buttressed by Qur’anic verses cited by the AQAP ideologue. He claims that, “Allah has made clear to us that they [the infidels] will not spare a thing in hurting the Muslims.” Rubaysh then goes farther, declaring that “[the infidels] war against us will not cease until they force us to leave Islam.”

The jihadist ideologue suggests that Western offenses against the Prophet are part of the broader infidel war against Islam. He says that Western nations have intervened in Muslim countries and killed Muslims, and then completed this aggression through mockery of the Prophet. “Do we not have a right to respond to the aggression of the aggressors?” asks Rubaysh.

Rubaysh then turns to the widespread demonstrations in support of freedom of speech and the victims of the Paris attacks last month, which AQAP claimed shortly after. “What is amazing,” says Rubaysh, “is that you see infidels standing with each other and supporting each other in their aggression against the Muslims and their offending of the Prophet (PBUH). They go out raising the slogan of ‘We are Charlie’ in solidarity with their fools.”

Even more shocking to Rubaysh is the fact that some Muslims appear to have supported such demonstrations of solidarity. “Solidarity with anyone who has offended the Messenger (PBUH) and supporting them … is an offense that ejects its perpetrator from the circle of Islam,” he flatly announces. “What is left for a Muslim of his Islam,” questions Rubaysh, “if he were to support the infidels in their offense of the Messenger of Islam (PBUH)?”

He goes on to say that defending the Prophet’s honor as well as “disciplining anyone who blasphemes against him” is a duty incumbent on every capable Muslim. “And as much as the servant is more capable,” stipulates Rubaysh, “his duty is even greater.”

Rubaysh declares that those who have shown solidarity with offenses against the Prophet must “pay a high price, the greater share of which should be borne by France.” France’s culpability in this matter lies in the fact that it has galvanized the world in support of the Charlie Hebdo magazine staff who had offended Muslim sensibilities, according to Rubyash.

The AQAP ideologue claims that “recent years have witnessed a retreat in the American leadership role in the war against Islam,” so that France is attempting to posit itself as the new leader of this religious war. Rubaysh concludes that, “the infidels must pay the price of their aggression upon our countries and for offending our Messenger (PBUH) – a costly price from their security and economy.” According to Rubaysh, any Muslim who has expressed solidarity with the offense of the Prophet “will bear what he receives as the result of the actions of the courageous who seek martyrdom in support of the Messenger (PBUH).”

Rubaysh calls for even more attacks against France and any Western journalist who disrepects the Prophet. “The work must continue,” he says, “and every raid must be followed by another, till every journalist knows that if he aggressors against the religion of Islam, no newspaper will accept him, and no hotel will shelter him, and he will not find any patch of land upon which to sleep soundly.”

He advocates increased attacks as a way to push Westerners to abandon their faith in freedom of speech “if that means offense of the Muslims.” He suggests that if Western countries truly understood that such offenses against Islam would cost them a heavy price, they “would legislate laws” to prevent and deter people from offending Muslims.

Rubaysh concludes his audio message with a general call for attacks against anyone disrespectful of Islam. “Oh Muslim, oh you who loves the Messenger of Allah (PBUH): set forth to Allah’s blessing,” he says, a clear invitation to jihad. He adds that Muslims should “not consult anyone about killing one who mocks the Messenger of Allah (PBUH)” and not heed the words of Muslim clerics who do the bidding of earthly rulers.




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