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Mohammed Deif: Elusive Hamas Military Chief Defying Israel


Israel, Palestinian militant groups agree to three-day Gaza truce


Interactive: France’s new game plan to counter jihadism in Africa


French military forces arrested Yoro Ould Daha, a former leader of the Movement for Oneness and Jihad in West Africa, earler this week at his home in Gao. Algeria has said bad weather, not a terrorist attack, caused the July 24 passenger jet crash in the Malian desert.


Fighting resumed in southern Tripoli near the airport between Islamists and Zintani militias defending the airport. The police presence was reportedly scarce in Benghazi, where the Red Crescent collected at least 35 bodies from the Saiqa Special Forces base in Buatni that was taken over by Ansar al Sharia. Last night several hundred demonstrators marched […]


Razing of Mosul’s shrines sparks first signs of resistance against Islamic State