Pictures and video of Yemeni southern offensive

The Yemeni Defense Ministry’s official news website, 26 September Net, has released photos of the ongoing southern military offensive against al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. The following are pictures obtained from the website:

Yemeni Army’s Fourth Region Major General Mahmoud al-Sabihi is pictured here in the center of a group of Yemeni soldiers wearing a red beret on May 1, 2014:


This picture from May 2, 2014 is from the town Maajala in Abyan province. The Yemeni military and the Popular Committees reportedly seized territory from AQAP near Maajala on May 1:


A destroyed vehicle in southern Yemen photographed on May 2, 2014:


Yemeni soldiers on armored vehicles leaving the military HQ in Ataq, capital of Shabwa province, on May 5, 2014:


Yemeni soldiers chewing qat in southern Yemen on May 5, 2014:


Yemeni Defense Minister Maj. General Mohammad Nasser Ahmed is pictured here center left with Yemeni soldiers in southern Yemen on May 6, 2014:

unnamed (2).jpg

Yemeni soldiers search for mines and hidden explosive devices left by AQAP militants in southern Yemen on May 7, 2014:


An AQAP outpost in southern Yemen seized by the Yemeni military, photographed on May 8, 2014:


Yemeni soldiers celebrate military achievements in high spirits on May 8, 2014:


The entrance to an underground facility used by AQAP in Mahfad, photographed on May 13, 2014:


An underground facility used by AQAP photographed on May 13, 2014:


A selection of materials used by AQAP in Mahfad seized by the Yemeni military and photographed on May 13, 2014:



The following video was also released on the Yemeni Ministry of Defense’s news website and purports to show the Yemeni military’s clearing of Mahfad on May 6, 2014:

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