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Authorities announced the arrest of five Uighurs, described as Islamic jihadists, suspected of involvement in yesterday’s car crash in Tiananmen Square that killed five people and wounded 38 more. Rebiya Kadeer, president of the Munich-based World Uighur Congress, called for an independent investigation into the incident.


Hytham Qassap, the only Syrian among six men arrested in Adana in May and charged with trying to obtain chemical weapons materials for the Al Nusrah Front and the Ahrar al Sham, was released pending trial; the five other suspects, all Turks, were all released after tests showed the materials seized were not sarin gas, […]


Islamic law, military fuel debate on Egypt charter


Russia warned of the “huge threat” of an Islamist Syria in the event the Assad regime were overthrown militarily. Russia also expressed concern over a report that Islamists recently conducted a chemical attack in Hasakah. The Al Nusrah Front allegedly detained and killed a Kurdish civilian in Hasakah. Kurdish YPG forces continued to clash with […]


The ISIS killed 24 people in a series of suicide attacks and bombings in Tarmiyah, Mosul, Abu Ghraib, and Baghdad; in Tarmiyah, a pair of suicide bombers killed 12 soldiers and Awakening members, and in Mosul, another suicide bomber killed three policemen and four civilians. Security forces captured six ISIS operatives in Babil.


Shia Houthi rebels killed four people in an attack on a Sunni mosque in Damaj in the north. More than 4,000 “Salafists” are said to have gathered in Saada to battle the Houthis. The military captured an al Qaeda operative involved in the assassination of a military academy’s deputy director.


Syria footage sheds light on Iran’s involvement


Authorities arrested senior Muslim Brotherhood figure Essam el Erian as part of the continuing crackdown on the organization. Unidentified gunmen fired on a checkpoint in Mansoura, the second such incident in recent days. Security forces clashed with students at al Azhar University. Authorities reportedly arrested Nasser Mohammed Ibrahim, a Muslim Brotherhood member suspected of coordinating […]


An assistant to the commander of Benghazi’s Rapid Intervention Security Force was murdered by gunmen outside a hospital, and an officer in the Benghazi Security Directorate escaped an assassination attempt as he drove to work. Masked gunmen killed two people and seriously wounded five more outside a Benghazi hotel in an attack on Ubaidi tribesmen […]


A suicide bomber detonated outside a hotel in the coastal city of Sousse, killing only himself; authorities are pursuing an additional suspect. Police foiled a suicide attack in Monistir, arresting a suspected bomber at the tomb of former president Habib Bourguiba. The suspects are said to be Tunisian Salafists. An Islamist hacking group called Fallaga […]


Two bombs targeting a liquor store in Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan, killed one person and injured at least 10 more. A shootout between police and suspected Islamist militants in Kabardino-Balkaria yesterday left one policeman and two militants dead.

Suicide bomber strikes in Tunisia

A suicide bomber blew himself up in the coastal city of Sousse earlier today. According to Tunisian officials, the bombing was part of a planned wave of attacks. No group has claimed the attack, but it comes after weeks of escalating violence between Ansar al Sharia and the Tunisian government.

Al Qaeda

US commandos were poised for raid to capture Benghazi suspect


If Iran Can Get This Reactor Online, Israel May Not Be Able to Bomb It


Prosecutors said Antwerp University was evacuated on Oct. 28 because of emails to faculty from a sender linked to a Muslim brotherhood who threatened to kill all unbelievers in Belgium. Last week a possibly related video surfaced, purportedly from Belgian jihadists in Syria. Suspected jihadist Jejoen Bontinck, who was recently arrested at his home in […]


Police arrested but later released 15 people in Aarhus suspected of throwing rocks and flares at former imam Ahmed Akkari, who was on a speaking tour of troubled neighborhoods with a candidate for parliament. Police also seized 209 flares intended that were to be set off during the event. Akkari, who was protected by 40 […]


Officials are denying that a ransom was paid for the recent release of four French hostages held captive for three years by al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb; reports allege that a ransom of $26 million was paid. A negotiator from Niger, former Tuareg rebel Mohamed Akotey, is said to have been instrumental in securing […]


Authorities suspect that three persons who crashed an SUV into Tiananmen Square in Beijing yesterday, killing five people and injuring 38 more, were suicide attackers from the restive western region of Xinjiang. Police are looking for eight persons, seven of whom are believed to be Uighurs, and named two likely suspects from Pishan and Shanshan […]


Regime forces, opposition fighters, and aid organizations cooperated to evacuate 1,800 civilians from the besieged town of Mouadamiya near Damascus, but thousands remain trapped inside. Syria’s deputy prime minister was dismissed for an unauthorized meeting with US officials to discuss peace proposals. The leader of the Omar bin al-Khattab battalion was assassinated in Deir Izzour. […]


Suspected Somali pirates captured by Navy-led forces after attack on supertanker